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Real honesty?? Get to know your local dancer
Posted:Nov 4, 2020 3:26 pm
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 8:3 pm

I keep reading about how everyone wants "an honest" guy. Everyone wants that person who will be honest with them.

To be honest and serious at the same time, the most honest people I seem to have ever met have all been strip club dancers. Maybe not all of them, but the dancers I got to know were some of the most honest people I have ever met. Great philosophy on life, would actually listen to you, were straight up and would tell you what they thought, not what they thought I wanted to hear. Far cheaper than any therapist, way nicer, and let's face it, cute as all get out, never cost me more than a beer. and if I wanted, a great lap dance to round out the evening.

Special shout out to my "special therapists" and especially Mina
September morn
Posted:Nov 4, 2020 10:42 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 8:3 pm

When reality exceeds fantasy, the moments live forever. And when that moment is captured in a song, it moves from your mind to your soul.
Stay for just awhile
Stay and let me look at you
It’s been so long I hardly knew you
Standing in the door

It had been 35 years to be exact, but I did recognize her in the airport where we agreed to meet. And all the planning of how we would meet went right out the window as we ran to each other and kissed… one of the long slow kisses that two people share to erase those 35 years of being apart.

And so a few weeks later we were back together on the long drive up the coast to a town I didn’t even know existed. The last few miles I watched her face in the moonglow through the windshield. My God, she was more beautiful now than in our youthful days. And for the next few days we would spend our time in a world where no one else existed.

Her best friend had given us her small beach cabin for the week, looking out over the sound. We slept that night, exhausted from the 10 hour trip, agreeing to just hold each other and share dreams. We kissed goodnight and she lay her head on my chest, and we stayed like that until the morning.

The next day was one of laughing and talking and beach walking. That evening I proposed I would make us dinner while she relaxed. She smiled and left the room and I busied myself with all the preparations for dinner; food, and candles, and a teaspoon or two of magic sprinkled around the room. I hardly heard a sound when she came around the corner, dressed in a black outfit, a scene I burned into my mind, never to forget. She smiled and her eyes asked me, “Do I look alright”

Stay with me awhile
I only want to talk to you
We’ve traveled halfway round the world
To find ourselves again

I held back the tears of joy that only a moment like that can bring. Yes, I said, stealing a line from Clapton, “You look wonderful tonight”. We ate dinner, hardly taking our eyes from each other. And as we finished I got up and gently asked for her hand. She stood up, and placed her other hand around my shoulders as I spoke to the other woman in the room, “Alexa please play, September Morn”.

We danced until the night
Became a brand new day
Two lovers playing scenes
From some romantic play
September morning
Still can make me feel that way

And so we did, we danced and kissed the night away. And we loved each other as two people should, sharing, caring, crying, and fulfilled beyond any imagination or fantasy. And we slept for only a few hours, when she woke me at 2 am to say, “I want to make love to you again.”

And look how far we’ve come
So far from where we used to be
But not so far that we’ve forgotten
How it was before

That week at the coast, a reality so beyond any fantasy, that I will always remember
A little Joy in my life - I never forgot you
Posted:Nov 2, 2020 8:08 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 8:3 pm

Her name was Joy. My boss at the time was her friend and she asked me if I would mind meeting with Joy as she had a number of questions about returning school take graduate studies. I had worked for many years as a faculty member at a major University and was now working for a large company the west coast. I said sure and she gave Joy's phone number. I called her and we agreed meet at a local restaurant a couple days later.
I walked into the restaurant a few minutes ahead of our meeting time. The desk person asked me if needed a table. I told her I was waiting for someone but had no idea what she looked like. The place was fairly empty so I just decided to hang out. About 5 minutes later a woman walked in and we looked at each other. She smiled and I lost track of time. "Are you Jim", she asked. "Yes, hello Joy, it is so nice meet you".
There are times in life where you meet someone and the chemistry just falls into place. This was that time for me. We were seated at our table and we just started to tell each other stories and small talk. We laughed and just truly enjoyed each other's company And we must have talked for what seemed like forever. Several times we had to tell the waiter we had not even looked at the menu yet. Time crept and I can't remember a minute we not laughing or smiling. We shared the same interests, the same likes, it was almost too good to be true. And I found myself staring at her eyes the whole time. And becoming lost in there. Eventually we had to leave as they were closing the place. We never did have dinner. We walked back to her car and hugged each other and promised to do this again soon. I must have walked for hours late that night thinking of that wonderful magical time that had just happened. Surprised that I couldn't remember her face or body, only those eyes.
Much like the closing dialogue of The Summer of 42', I was never to see her again, nor was I ever to know what became of her. But for those few moments that one night, I met someone who did more to make me feel more sure, more insecure, more important, and less significant. For one special few hours, I knew true Joy in my life and I have never forgotten her.

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