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Starting a new story I have been working on. I hope you enjoy it. A bit different but you might find it stirs something in you.
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Tim and Abbie 38: A housekeeper
Posted:Jan 5, 2021 2:00 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

Saturday arrives when Abbie and Tim awake at eight AM. They have hours until Grace, the candidate for a maid, will be there at o’clock. Tim shyly asks Abbie if she would put a plug in him, a bit larger than the other day. Abbie is surprised that Tim is enjoying such , though she is happy do so for him.
Abbie makes sure both Tim and the plug are well lubricated and presses the larger piece in place. Tim gives a sigh of contentment, feeling it fill his ass. His cock is showing his pleasure, hardening immediately. Acknowledging his condition, he begins adequate foreplay of kissing, caressing, and fingering Abbie. Both now aroused, Tim presses his trembling glans into Abbie’s back vag as she lays on her back with her legs over Tim’s shoulders.
It is Abbie’s turn sigh in pleasure as Tim presses his shaft further and further in her. When his balls are bouncing against Abbie’s ass, he holds himself there for a moment so Abbie can feel him pulsating against her as she contracts over and over, squeezing his prick.
When both are satisfied, Tim begins pump in and out of her. Making them both moan and squirm, feeling the pleasure each is giving the other, and getting themselves. Staring into each other’s eyes, they can see how flushed each is getting. Leaning and lifting to kiss until needing to catch their breath.
Tim feeling the plug pressing against the sides of his anus as his cock is deeply embedded in Abbie’s ass brings new sensations to experience. of which Tim finds quite delightful. The things Abbie and he are finding keep improving their relationship is phenomenal.
But as with things, the end must come, for now. Tim can’t hold back any longer, and Abbie’s clit against his mons tells a similar story. Tim plunges in deeply one final time, and an explosion of cum fills Abbie. Who at the same time is covering Tim’s mons with her stickiness.
Hugging each other, Tim slides out of Abbie, and she drops her legs. Abbie asks Tim if he wants to take the plug out now, but he again surprises her, saying he would like to wear it longer. When it gets too much, he will tell her.
Abbie shyly now asks Tim to put the matching plug in her so she too could feel and experience it also. It is easy to press the toy in Abbie’s ass between still being stretched from their recent activity and the semen dripping from her. The plug settled in her nicely. They head the shower get cleaned for the day.
While Abbie doesn’t care for wearing pants much—in the summer, around the house, or working in the garden and such—she does like wear rather skimpy and tight shorts. Usually with a tube or halter top. She adjusts her clit between her legs so as not to alter the lines of her shorts.
When Tim sees her so dressed today, it stirs his loins again and adds to the feeling of the plug in him as he clenches against it. After a quick breakfast, they are out in the garden, where they find themselves most Saturdays. Les’s greenhouse has been finished, without harming any of her plants. She is out working too, with Phoebe beside her learning gardening skills. The four do back and forth more than actually doing much weeding or pruning. But everything gets done by noon. Finishing the morning work, Tim cuts the grass at their house and Les’s. Something he has done for years now.
Putting the mower away in the shed, he sees the , Abbie, Les, and Phoebe, sitting around the table their patio with icy drinks before them and one waiting for him. Tim joins the women, and they relax, enjoying their drinks after a full morning of work.
After he finishes his drink, Tim leaves the and put his chef hat prepare lunch for the four. A tasty salad with a mixture of lettuce and chicken he grills. He makes his own oil, lemon juice, and seasonings dressing. Phoebe is extremely impressed with his cooking skills, not experiencing them before.
As they eat, she with Tim that she wants his recipe for the dressing add her menu at the Wilde Peacock. He banters back that perhaps they can work out a barter system—his recipe for free drinks. Phoebe getting know Tim more, now sees the changes in his confidence from the first time he walked into the bar. And his laughing after replying tells her he does not expect anything in return, but Phoebe will be sure that free drinks are given to him and Abbie regularly.
and , the lunch is lively and somewhat silly as they come know each other better. Not just Tim and Phoebe, but Les and Abbie also are coming know each other more and more. Now that it is settled that Les will join the board of Pathways, being thrown together in work, besides as neighbors, she and Abbie are especially coming to learning more about each other.
Suddenly looking at the time, Tim tells Abbie that Grace will be there shortly for the interview for the housekeeper. This leads to another diversion of conversation between the four about Tim and Abbie hiring someone to clean for them.
They all take their plates and such into the house. As they do, they with Les and Phoebe about hiring a maid. A quick clean- ensures no signs of the meal are visible – just a spotless kitchen. Les and Phoebe take their leave wishing Tim and Abbie good luck. When they are gone, Abbie asks Tim something she was worried about over lunch. She knows she is squirming some from the plug so in her, and she noticed Tim doing the same. Do they need get them out before Grace arrives?
Both agree that before too long, they should be removed. For now, the plugs are adding such a sensuous experience with they have been doing in the yard and through lunch. Giggling together, they agree that as soon as Grace leaves, they should then take the plugs out.
Both hurry now to clean and change. Abbie now in a summery dress and Tim in clean pants and shirt. Abbie takes a while get her makeup . Saturdays, when they work in the yard, Abbie is getting more confident about not putting makeup on, and Tim loves seeing her that way. Showing her true self, even with Les and Phoebe.
Both are ready. Abbie just coming down the stairs when the bell rings.
Promptly at o’clock, the front door rings. Tim answers it and is flabbergasted by the young woman standing on their porch. While a good ten years younger, Grace Reilly looks so like Abbie. Auburn hair her shoulders, small breasted with a slender waist but nice ass. They are about the same height and weight, probably.
Tim, overcome with this vision, stumbles over his welcome as Abbie comes the door too. She is also surprised a bit, as is Grace seeing Abbie and understanding Tim’s more or less babbling at first.
Starting to compose themselves, they laugh, realizing the resemblance. Abbie breaks the ice saying, “Well, mini-, come in, and let’s get know each other.”
The initial uncomfortableness just disappeared as they laughed as they came into the living room. Sitting down, the for a while about Tim and Abbie’s expectations, and Grace explaining what she has done and is willing do.
Abbie suggests Grace should tour the house to understand which will need be done. Grace and Tim agree the tour. The look around downstairs and then the central staircase the rooms above. the doors are closed. Abbie leads the tour showing their bedroom, the guest room, bathrooms, and laundry. The only room left is the one at the top of the stairs.
Abbie hesitates about this room. She has already been embarrassed that the contractors must have understood the meaning of the room. Now to display it for someone who will be working regularly for them seems extreme.
Tim sensed Abbie’s reluctance but looked her in the eyes with a nod of his head, which somehow sends a Abbie show that is between them. As she opened the door the room and invited Grace see it, a sensational rush runs through Abbie show this someone.
Grace looked around this sparse room. First, seeing the stenciled ‘Abigail’s corner,’ then turning and seeing over the entrance ‘Abigail’s room.’ It takes Grace a moment absorb what this might mean, but enlightenment comes her quickly. As does this strange feeling of her cunt suddenly throbbing at what this must mean.
Yes, Tim and Abbie have a wonderful, while different, relationship, which must be so satisfying, Grace ponders. Grace glances at the framed handwritten rules above the desk, not reading them through but understanding that Abbie and Tim have limits defined. They are not long in this room before heading back downstairs. On leaving, Grace notices the wooden back hairbrushes sitting on the dresser.
Her juices are dripping thinking about being over someone like Tim, with muscular thighs, spanking her. Grace does not know what is coming over her. Having such cravings for the first time. With such ideas, Grace is rather flushed as they descend the stairs the main floor.
She and Abbie exchange glances going down the stairs together. Tim holds back for a minute, saying he needs to check something but will be right down. This gives Abbie and Grace a moment talk more.
in broken sentences, but enough for both of them understand. Grace hesitantly whispers that she finds herself drawn the idea of having someone as her disciplinarian. They smile, wickedly, each other. Abbie leans and quietly says her, “In time, perhaps we will have help you find someone. But only someone who would love you totally, who will take on such a role at your request to improve yourself. Mini-me, I think we are going to be friends besides the work arrangement.”
When Tim joins them, they agree that Grace will start next Tuesday, and then come two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday for about four hours each day. They head to the kitchen table to work out a list of what tasks Grace should do.
Abbie asks Grace if she would like something to drink. Tea, coffee, wine, something stronger? Abbie precludes this by saying she is ready for a nice gin and tonic. Grace laughs and replies that she would not be opposed to that.
Chatting more now, comfortably like the have known each other for years. The list of chores is completed. They arrange a schedule for Grace, and Tim tells her a number use the front door keypad get in. Abbie shows Grace where the cleaning supplies are kept, and they agree that if other tasks are needed be completed, a list would be left the refrigerator.
The same if Grace sees she is running low cleaning supplies so they can be replaced. It is arranged and set up that Tim will transfer her weekly wages into her bank account. Between them, they agree a salary for each week, with extra compensation for when a more significant cleaning is needed as the seasons change.
In a way, when the interview and are finished, Abbie is feeling a little letdown. How things stand, there would not be much interaction in person with Grace. Grace seems like such a delightful young woman, and Abbie would love get know her better.
Tim must be feeling the same. He concludes things by saying, “Grace, I am sure this arrangement will work well for of us, but perhaps every other Thursday, you stay for dinner with us check in together and get to know each other more, if that is acceptable.”
Grace is overjoyed to hear this. Just as Abbie is feeling the loss of personal interaction between them, Grace is also. This couple seems like people she would like to get to know more, not just work for. Grace understands Tim and Abbie’s relationship right away, which interests her too to learn about more. Shyly she agrees to the suggestion and asks if they would like her to start dinner on those nights.
Tim assured her that they would work that out as they go along but looks forward to having such an opportunity. And that, of course, she would be paid for her time then too.
Grace started to protest that is not necessary, but in the end, as they finished their G and Ts, it is left up in the air to deal with down the road.
The company’s contract is signed by them and faxed to Maid for You office, and in doing so, the feels that a real bond has been sealed between them.
Almost regrettably, Grace takes her leave. satisfied that not only a working relationship but also a new friendship has begun. After Grace says her good-byes and goes, Tim and Abbie open each other about the strange coincidence about how much Grace looks like Abbie. They tell each other that it just adds Grace’s charms, but they each wonder about the fluke individually.
In time the likeness will make Abbie feel as Grace is a younger sister she never had. Grace does not have any siblings as she is an only , and her parents’ dying young. The bond that develops between the creates, in time, a family unit for them. While Tim and Abbie are not old enough be her parents, they feel and care for each other as older and younger siblings. And the family developing for Tim and Abbie grows. Les and Phoebe, now Grace, make this circle for them. Something neither has had speak of before.
After Grace leaves, it is going PM. Abbie and Tim hasten their bedroom, undress, and carefully take the ass plugs out of each other. They have been in place for hours. Experiencing them their ass for the first extended time, the relief, but also feeling of emptiness, wafts over them as their bodies relax and become accustomed to the norm again.
Tim and Abbie 37: Something different
Posted:Jan 2, 2021 7:31 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

The next week or so is calm. A couple of evenings each week, Tim and Abbie spend cleaning the house and washing clothes. They are doing it in the evenings have the weekend work in the yard and play more. But the task of keeping up the house while both are working is rather time-consuming.
Abbie does not complain, but it only took an hour or so for her to clean her apartment weekly. She sent most of her clothes to the dry cleaners so there would only be one or two loads needing doing. Tim put a stop to the dry cleaning of clothes that could be washed by them as a waste of . Abbie knew this was true, but which is the real savings? The have them dry cleaned and done, or the hours wash load after load of laundry?.
Tim notices this also. A little over a month living together, the time needed to keep up the remodeled house is even more than what he did in the past. Usually, the living room, sitting room, and office were left closed up most of the time. Maybe once a quarter or so, Tim would vacuum and dust those rooms and what had been his mother’s bedroom and the spare room. Now Tim and Abbie’s living space is much larger, and the upkeep is arduous. Time Tim would rather spend with Abbie playing and relaxing together.
After thinking about this issue for a while, one night about a week later, when Tim picks Abbie up from work, he tells her they have an appointment in a half hour. Abbie looks at him questioningly as he drives to a small office building near their house. Once inside, they go down a hall to a door reading, ‘Maid for You.’
Abbie looks at Tim with a massive grin on her face, hugging him, and says, “Really?” Tim returns the hug and opens the door for them to enter. They are quickly taken to the owner’s office. After greeting them, she explains there are some questionnaires to fill out to help match them with the right housekeeper. The questions range from what tasks they would like done to when they would want the cleaning done. If they were confident having the work done when they were not there, the requirements and characteristics they were searching for in a maid, and other questions along these lines.
It takes over an hour to complete the survey, but well worth the time as it makes Tim and Abbie focus on what they were looking for and their expectations. The owner looks over their forms with a smile starting to spread to a big grin as she peruses their answers.
“I think I have the perfect candidate for you,” she tells Tim and Abbie. “She is a college student who needs income to for her tuition and such. I trust her completely, and I think she fits all of your requirements. Grace is twenty-three, just finishing her last year of college, but intends continue for her master's and then Ph.D. She is available now on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the day, though the actual days might change as her school schedule does.
“Everyone she has worked for the last two years praises her highly. The position she just had cleaning two days a week ended due the family moving Scotland. She was responsible for all you are looking for. I think Grace would be a perfect fit for you. Would you like meet her and talk with her yourselves?”
“Yes, we would like that. When would be a good time?” Tim replies.
“How about Saturday afternoon around three? Grace could come your house so you could show her around and explain what is needed. After that, we can work out a schedule and rates for her, and if acceptable, she could start next week,” the owner suggests.
It's all settled for Saturday. Tim and Abbie, pleased with how easily this was arranged, say their good-byes. Shaking their hands, the owner smiles warmly at Abbie, and after they leave has a bigger smile on her face. I hope they will appreciate the irony of Grace as a choice, she thinks. From this short interaction with Tim and Abbie, she feels sure they will. After the initial meeting with Grace, she is confident they will approve of her, but only time will tell.
By the time Tim and Abbie get home, she is so overjoyed with what will happen, Abbie can’t contain herself. Barely through the door from the garage, she flings herself into Tim’s arms and kisses him over and over.
“How have I ever deserved someone like you?” Abbie says between kisses, “You give me everything I could ever dream of, and more. It is a beautiful house to live in, a wonderful garden to tend, taking all my woes away from me, offering me the guidance and discipline I am so lacking, and now also someone maintain the house for us. But all these things are small side things, compared you being someone I can love fully and loves me unconditionally.”
Tears start fall from Abbie’s eyes as she realizes just how much Tim in this short time has given her. Tim’s eyes are glazed over also as he hugs Abbie and kisses her in return, “My love, all that you say I have offered you is insignificant compared what you have bestowed on me. Such a life you have given me I would have never imagined could have been possible. We are both incredibly lucky that we were brought together. Even if it was over a spilled drink.”
Saying the last, they both laugh, and while they have not had dinner, neither is hungry. Well, for food, they aren’t, but for each other, they are ravenous. They race themselves upstairs to their bedroom, where clothes are tossed aside for them to be able to be fully together. Kissing and roaming start things off as Tim’s cock grows, and Abbie’s ‘clit’ keeps up. Squeezing each other’s member, precum is soon evident, and they both back off some to savor this moment.
Since their shopping trip, Tim and Abbie have played with some of the toys they bought. With a cock ring on, Tim feels the sensation of a more intense prick banging of Abbie over and over. Abbie runs the wand vibrator over his cock, head, shaft, and balls, getting Tim hard and ready quickly besides giving him an intense climax. When Tim uses it on Abbie, she cries out and shudders from its attention. “Tim, you are arousing my clit so much,” Abbie says as she trembles with the next wave.
Tonight as they calm from their first onslaught, Abbie gets Tim to lie on his stomach. “Sweetie, let me introduce you to a butt plug to see if you enjoy it or not. Nothing big to start, just a first step,” Abbie coos to Tim.
She fully lubes Tim’s asshole and the small starter plug. She presses it against his rosebud and gently pushes it up in Tim. As she urges it in more, Abbie can feel Tim’s sphincter resisting entrance. Abbie gives Tim a minute to accept this intrusion and relax. After a moment, the plug moves up in through the sphincter to rest nicely in Tim’s rectum.
Abbie motions Tim to turn and hands him the plug to use on her. It is a bit larger than what she used on Tim. He repeats Abbie’s actions, lubes her hole nicely, and the plug. Tim presses it into Abbie, who does not resist. Both now are feeling the plugs filling their anus. While at this moment it feels so full up in them, they know this is just the beginning.
They are rolled on their sides, looking at each other, enjoying this different pleasure. Their members, both at full strength, rub against each other as they lean together to kiss. Both sign deeply as they feel their rectums contract against the plugs over and over. Each time one of them clamps against their plug, both seem to feel the aftereffects.
Abbie is the first to turn around and take Tim’s glans in her mouth. The warm, wet haven with her tongue licking over and around the glans makes Tim tighten against the plug, making his cock and glans twitch some. Abbie holds his glans securely in her mouth as her tongue begins a downward trend, taking more of his shaft in with each round.
“Come in my mouth, baby,” Abbie mumbles to Tim. “That’s the only place available to you right now.”
Tim cracks up laughing at that statement, which makes his cock in Abbie’s mouth stiffen even more, and his ass filled with the plug makes him squirm as he does. This is so different. He is so close but still trying to hold back to savor this moment more and more.
Abbie sits up for a minute, leaving Tim’s prick to feel the cool breeze waft over him. It is a wonderful feeling, but to be in Abbie’s warm mouth cavern is so much better. But she surprises him. Abbie bends over the side of the bed and picks up one of the vibrators they purchased. She turns it on and ups the speed some. As she places it below Tim’s sacks, pressing against his perineum and also the bottom of his balls, Tim visibly quivers, feeling this.
Before he can even say anything, Abbie’s mouth is again over his cock, taking more and more of his shaft in. It is better than heaven at this moment for Tim. Feeling the plug up in him, his cock being so serviced, and now this constant tremor against his most vulnerable area is idealistic.
Tim moans over and over. Abbie tastes his precum starting and smiles to herself. Yes, these toys do add to enjoyment more and more, she thinks.
It doesn’t take long now as Tim’s build-up has been happening for over an hour. When Abbie clicks the vibrator up one more notch as her mouth is sucking more and more of Tim’s cock in, he trips the light fantastic, and an avalanche erupts from him.
Abbie swallows as much as she can, then laps up all that spilled. The taste of Tim’s cum is one of Abbie’s favorite treats now that it happens regularly. As Tim brings himself back down to earth, Abbie gets him to roll on his stomach again. Back where this all began.
She gently pulls the plug from him, and then, to give him one final treat for the night, she ‘tosses his salad.’ Licking and sucking, sticking her tongue in just a bit, Abbie cleans up Tim’s rosebud from his first experience with a plug. Though totally spent at the moment, Abbie’s last decadent act has him moaning, feeling something different.
Tim is in no condition to salute again so soon, but tremors cascade through his body in reaction to what Abbie is doing to him. It is like an orgasm in such a different way. When Abbie finishes, and Tim pulls her to him to kiss and hold, he tries to describe what just happened to him.
Abbie explains that in different situations, like when she gave him a prostate massage, the reaction is different when the cock is not the center of what is going on. Instead, other body parts are experiencing something just as electric. Especially if the body part in question is the ass.
Abbie explains what she just did, in certain circles, is called ‘salad tossing.’ Tim laughs and says if it can feel like it just did, Abbie can toss his salad whenever she wants. Abbie, joining in the amusement, replies, “Well, that might be the only cooking that I know how to do.”
With that merriment, the two cuddle together and fall asleep, with visions of them playing more like today and having a clean house that they do not have to fret over.
Tim and Abbie 36: An evening with Les and Phoebe
Posted:Dec 31, 2020 12:12 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

Just a little more in the lives of Tim and Abbie to ring the year out. And so does 2020 need to hit the road. There are more to come of this story in the new year. I hope you are enjoying it.

Monday night, after devouring a throw-together dinner, Abbie and Tim meander to the sitting room with drinks. Both are thinking about playing with their new toys. After the reaction they had shopping, leading to primal sex; perhaps they will wait a while before experiencing their purchases more.
Instead, Abbie brings up her news about the letter sent to Les. She does preface her comments by stating she received this news as fact, not gossip.
Tim laughs a bit at her and tells her yes, this is not gossip. If Abbie starts to suggest what might happen as it is a fact, that would be gossiping. As he says this, he tickles Abbie, who squirms from his touch. She promises she is just relaying what happened.
“But Tim, maybe, tomorrow night, they could stop at the Peacock to hear what Les’s response to it might be,” Abbie shyly asks. As she says this, Abbie shifts, so she is sitting on Tim’s lap, straddling his hips, looking directly at him. Tim sees the pleading in Abbie’s eyes and does realize that what Les decides will impact Abbie. Her job, and recommending Les, will affect Abbie’s position.
Tim pulls Abbie to him, her head resting on his shoulder as he caresses her back slowly. Kissing her forehead, Tim tells her, “Sure, honey, we can stop at the Peacock on the way home tomorrow. I know this means a lot to you. But be prepared, Les beginning this with Phoebe, she might not want to take more on right now.”
Pressing against him, Tim feels Abbie’s head nodding in agreement with him. “I know Tim, but I do hope she will say yes. I think she is what is needed for Pathway to expand and move further towards the vision it originally had,” Abbie murmurs.
Tickling Abbie’s back, Tim continues in jest, “You seem to be filling our social calendar for this week a bit. Shopping today, at the Peacock tomorrow, what do you have planned for the rest of the week?”
Abbie, knowing Tim is teasing her, responds, “I haven’t got that far yet, but I am sure I can think of some more things. Besides, we can eat at the Peacock tomorrow, saving you from having to cook. I am craving their Devon Shrimp. It seems ages since I had it.”
It has not been mentioned, but the Wilde Peacock does have a fabulous menu of unique dishes. Their chef is superb. Just one more touch, Phoebe added to the pub.
“So it shall be for my angel. As long as you don’t press Les about the letter or her decision. Leave it to her to bring it up or comment,” Tim tells Abbie. As he says this, Tim is rubbing Abbie’s ass, which brings the point home. What could happen if she presses the issue with Les.
The next morning, Tuesday, Tim and Abbie head to work. Their morning routine is pretty much down pat now. At times there are some detours. Taking the time for early morning play in the bed or the shower. Even adding that they still manage to make it to work on time. Abbie is dropped at work at a quarter to nine each morning. Tim is walking from the parking garage to his workspace by five to nine.
Both Abbie and Tim’s days are filled, and they keep busy. Abbie does keep her schedule of checking in with Tim during the day. When Abbie feels her phone vibrate with the reminder of the time, she feels shivers of delight run through her as she types Tim a short message.
And before you know it, quitting time arrives. Tim pulls up, and Abbie climbs into the car, giving Tim a warm kiss in greeting and buckling her seatbelt. They are off for the short ride to the Wilde Peacock and what awaits them there.
Even though coming into the pub from daylight takes a minute to adjust her eyes, Abbie spies Les sitting at the end of the bar. They go over to her, and Abbie sits on the chair next to Les and Tim beside her.
There are greetings and hugs and kisses as Phoebe comes over to join them, sitting on Les’s other side. Phoebe calls to the bartender to make drinks for all of them. They fall into general conversation about what each has been doing.
Phoebe and Les complement Abbie and Tim about how lovely the yard and garden looks now. And what the addition of the greenhouse makes to it all. Les tells them that loving all the changes made to their house, she has hired the contractor to build a greenhouse for her too. With plans for much more work to be done on her home after.
Having worked with the contractor watching over Tim and Abbie’s house's renovations, Les knows she will be treated fairly. Les does go on for a while about how she would never have thought of putting in a greenhouse. Now, the idea of keeping and starting plants during the winter is such a great idea.
Between Abbie and Les, it will probably be a race to see who can get more plants ready this winter for spring planting. But that is far off now. Today, Les is just beginning to make her plans a reality. And Phoebe is included in all the choices Les is considering.
And then the conversation shifts, and with it, something a bit strange happens.
Les looks at Abbie and says, “I got a very interesting letter, well more an invitation, yesterday, and for some reason, Abbie, I think you had a hand in it.” Abbie blushes at the comment and mumbles that perhaps she played a small role in the request being extended to Les.
“So, what do you think about the appeal? Is it something which you would be interested in? I know you would be a wonderful addition to our board,” Abbie gushes.
What follows probably is due in part to Les and Abbie’s joyful vision of Les as part of Pathways. While Abbie makes her last comment, she swivels her chair some just as Les does, and their thighs bump against each other.
A leg bump is not that uncommon when at a bar, but the electric charge running through Abbie’s body as they do is startling. Les feels the same wave through her and catches her breath just as Abbie is. Right now, the logical thing is for them to turn their chairs, so their thighs aren’t rubbing against each other, but this momentary exhilaration keeps them frozen in place.
Abbie’s breathing is low and slow. She just lifts and lowers her thigh against Les to feel a second shock crash through her. It is like time is standing still. In a flash, which seems to take minutes to run through, Abbie imagines kissing Les, letting their tongues mingle together as their hands reach out to each other’s breasts. Both are about the same, smaller size, but squeezing and pinching Les’s nipples makes more raptures run through Abbie. She feels her panties dripping with precum.
For Les, it is much the same. Feeling Abbie’s thigh against hers, both them rubbing against each other. Les’s hands are not far behind Abbie’s as she takes Abbie’s tits in her hand to caress and tease. The imagined kisses additional charges through Les’s body. The two strange but erotic onslaughters overtake Les, one starting at her lips and mouth, the other at her thigh and moving to her cunt and out over her body, hurtling against each other. Les’s panties are just as damp.
Nothing more than that original brush of thighs actually happened, but in the nano-second, which followed, Abbie and Les play out the whole scenario. Neither are attracted to each other in that way, really. Phoebe’s arrival into Les’s life is all she wants. And Tim is what Abbie craves and loves. It is just a strange momentary thing.
Like suddenly dreaming a hot dream with someone you are acquainted with but have no feelings about. You wake shaking your head over the memory, but nothing more.
Back on firm ground, chairs turned away from each other, Les starts to talk. The only sign of what just happened/imagine is Les catching her breath before speaking in a husky voice to start.
“Abbie, I have been thinking about what it would mean, how perhaps getting the community center activities paired with Pathway’s offering. It could be a bit of work, but not that much. I plan to call the director tomorrow to talk more about what is involved.”
Abbie squeals with delight and hugs Les. “Oh, I am so happy you will. I know you can offer great new ideas and programs,” Abbie gushes. Abbie then stops herself before stepping over the line Tim has drawn for her.
They all order dinner and go to a booth with fresh drinks to enjoy their meal. Talk is back in general, mainly about what Les is considered doing to her house.
That flash between Les and Abbie is brushed aside by both. Never to be mentioned to each other or their mates. Abbie feels Tim’s hand on her thigh, gently moving up and down, she leans to him, putting her head on his shoulder, and her hand covers his as she squeezes it.
Phoebe, now feeling confident and open about her relationship with Les, places her arms on the back of the booth behind Les’s shoulders and squeezes her, sending the message of her pleasure.
All four of them are in a state of bliss. Together, tonight over a good meal and conversation, other times just in passing chatting, the four have become almost family for each other in these last few weeks. It is good to have a safe haven to come to when the rest of the world seems to go crazy at times.
Dinner finished, Abbie and Tim take their leave. Telling Les, they will be eager to see the developments of her greenhouse and other work on her house. Les laughs, “Well, since I helped Tim with the work on his house, I had decided to redo mine, but was concerned about living there through it all. But it seems that some kind woman (hugging Phoebe as she says this) has offered me a place to lay my head while the renovations take place.”
Tim and Abbie smile at this as they, with Les accompanying them, head to their car. Les hugs Abbie and whispers, “And when the modernizations are finished, I think Phoebe will be coming to live with me there.” Again Abbie lets out a little squeal as she hugs Les one more time and climbs into the car.
As the drive towards home, Abbie does so want to share what Les just told her with Tim, but does not, because while not really gossip, she is trying to wean herself from speculating – as Tim calls it – about things she has no control over.

Tim and Abbie 35: An interesting evening adventure
Posted:Oct 26, 2020 3:10 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

Monday mornings always seem come too soon. After the busy weekend working in the yard and taking the time to , it seemed arrive even sooner. Tim and Abbie wake return the work world. They are a bit sore from spending most of Sunday outside cleaning the front yard, cutting the grass, and getting some plants from Les begin their renovations. Not mention the breaks they took for mutual enjoyment.
Both are starting nice tans from being out in the sun. Tim’s face is already an attractive shade of brown. Arriving at work wearing a gray suit, light blue pinstriped shirt, and tie, he looks so different than he did four months ago. His happy and content demeanor adds to his new image.
It is like Tim is a different person than who his office was accustomed to seeing. He will often walk into the building with one or of the executives. Now having a prime parking space, Tim exchanges greetings and small talk with the brass each morning. Yes, Tim is a different man than what he had been for . What a difference a happy sex life can make.
The company where Tim works, Microga, is a midsize manufacturer of computer components. Motherboards, central processing units (CPU), memory cards, and network cards make up most of their inventory. The production plant sits behind the main office building where Tim works, all incorporated in a rather large work campus. The main office is a two-floor building with a lot of open workspaces.
Tim works in the Quality and Productivity department. He and his immediate colleagues make sure operations are working in a profitable and error-free manner. The systems and tools Tim created are a significant factor in the company moving into the top quartile for efficiency and excellence in their industry. None of Tim’s work has gone unnoticed.
In the past, Tim did not seem confident or influential enough. Nor did he ever seem motivated to apply for any posted positions for which he was more than qualified. So, appreciating Tim’s work and dedication, management is grateful that they had such a talent on their team.
Now, though, with this new look and confidence, perhaps would be the time to encourage him to take a more managerial position. Or is Tim being scouted and pursued by another company?
This Monday morning brings the executives together in contemplation. Tim’s manager is called in for his viewpoint. The wheels are turning at Microga for some big changes for Tim.
Meanwhile, Abbie is settling in for a new work week also. And in fairness, perhaps should tell more about her position and organization.
Pathway Center is a non-profit company formed in the early 2000s to help LGBTQ adjust, and if wanted, to transition to be who they feel is their real self. Pathway’s goal is to help all to be healthy and happy within society today. When it started, there were so many more roadblocks to achieving this aim, but with more social understanding and acceptance, the Center’s critical issues are much less. But just as the world likes to do, new concerns seem to arise almost daily to address and correct.
Abbie is the office manager, more involved in the smooth running of the Center than much one-on-one interactions or counseling of . Though when help is needed with filling out the paperwork and such, Abbie does then have some interaction with . And during the day, she will see many of the coming and going.
The Center where Abbie works is actually the Pathway Center’s main office. The site in London and twenty-five other locations around the United Kingdom are branch locations. So often, Abbie is working with the branches to comply with corporate policies and expectations. Abbie’s promotion to this position a few ago was a big step up in the institution. She was surprised and honored be the one chosen for this job.
Abbie's position somewhat explains why she was so surprised at the stipulation that existed for officially changing your gender or name on legal documents. Now more aware of such roadblocks, Abbie has been finding ways address and highlight these issues in the last few weeks.
Abbie spoke with the Director of Pathways, who understood her concerns. Together they are developing a team to address this area for LGBTQ individuals. The Director, also a doctor, was willing to provide the statement Abbie needed to change her gender and name in the United States. Doing so would also change her name and gender in the United Kingdom. So now, for Abbie, it is just a waiting game until she receives the official forms.
During Abbie’s chats with the Director, she recommends that Les be considered as an addition to the organization’s board. Abbie tells him about the work Les is doing at the community center. This morning, the Director pops his head into Abbie’s office and tells her that a letter has been sent to Les inviting her to be a board member.
Hearing this news, Abbie is elated and can’t wait to hear what Les has to say in reply. Abbie knows Les would fit right in here and bring new and creative ideas to the organization. Even open their eyes to some areas where the organization is wea It is a busy morning for Abbie after the weekend. It always is after a weekend make sure everything continues run smoothly. Even the extra work does not take away from Abbie having time chat and gossip with different staff members and colleagues at the organization.
Abbie never mentions this side of things Tim. She well knows the consequences of what Tim considers gossiping. But Abbie enjoys when interesting news, whether based on fact or not, is shared. Though now, there is this little voice inside her. Telling Abbie she shouldn’t be doing this, thanks Tim’s discipline for such things.
Both Tim and Abbie’s Monday at work flies by. Around in the afternoon, a silly but delightful idea enters Abbie’s mind. As the idea hatches, Abbie realizes it has been ages, maybe even a year, since she indulged in this activity. By the time Tim pulls up in front of the Pathway’s entrance, Abbie has the whole plan worked out.
As Abbie watches their car approaching, she feels her stomach flip in the excitement and anticipation of seeing Tim again. Since they bought the car and Tim picking her up each night after work, Abbie has been having these stomach flutters. Seeing their lovely car approach and knowing who is driving fills Abbie with such joy that it is the man she loves arriving.
Abbie does wonder, ‘when this feeling will stop? Will it become such a regular thing that it no longer affect her in this way?’ In reality, she never wants to stop this emotion on seeing Tim.
When she jumps in the car this evening, Abbie leans to Tim and kisses him asking, “We don’t have anything planned for this evening, do we?” Tim replies nothing that he knows of.
Abbie giggles in response, “Then I have this somewhat scandalous idea for right now.” Tim looking at Abbie with an eyebrow raised wonders what she could have in mind. Instead, Abbie just tells him to turn at the first intersection south, away from heading home. And for the next twenty minutes, she continues to direct Tim on the way to go.
Finally, they arrive at a small strip mall, where Abbie has Tim pull in. At the end of the row where Abbie directs him to park, is an Adult Toy Store. Tim blushes as he looks inquisitively at Abbie. She laughs and says, “I thought it might be fun to find some toys and such we can enjoy together.”
Tim, taking a deep breath, replies, “Lead the way as this is your idea. I am glad in a way that it is a bit of a distance from home, so hopefully, no one we know sees us.” Abbie laughs as they get out of the car to go in. And the little slap Tim gives her ass as they walk starts Abbie quivering before even entering the shop.
Tim is wide-eyed at all there is to see, this being his first time in such a shop. After picking up a basket at the front of the store, Abbie leads Tim up and down the aisles taking their time looking at all the possibilities. Some both shudder over and whisper together about that is not somewhere they want to go. But others they ponder over, wondering, and imagining.
The first things that catch Tim’s eye are cock cages. He is unsure of what they are or are supposed to do at first. Abbie quietly explains. Tim laughs a bit as he tells her that perhaps they should get one in Abbie’s size to wear when she is bad.
“Tim! You want me to be caged when I misbehave?” Abbie says with astonishment. Tim nods his head and looks closely at how each work and what size penis it would fit. Finally, he chooses a gold metal cage that looks like Abbie's appropriate size, not too big to fall off.
He hands it to Abbie to inspect. Abbie will not admit it, but she loves the idea of Tim caging her. Instead, she shrugs her shoulders indifferently and agrees that it looks the right size. She puts it in the basket. Tim is not finished here yet. He is looking over the different ones. Tim finds one, almost a twin of the first, but a larger size to fit his coc
He also drops it into the basket, saying, “It would only be fair for have one too so I can try it and understand how it feels.” Abbie, heartened by Tim’s willingness and compassion, hugs him and kisses his chee
Next, they come upon a variety of penis rings. Again, Abbie explains Tim what they are. This is all a totally new and foreign world to Tim. They pick out some metal and rubber ones that look both their sizes and add them to their bin.
The next aisle holds an array of vibrators, both for women and men. Abbie picks up one of the test wonder-wand-type vibrators and turns it on, holding it to the palm of Tim’s hand. He feels the strong vibrations running through his body and is a bit surprised to feel his cock start to harden. Abbie pulls Tim to her, turns him, so he is facing the display and her. Abbie lowers the vibrator and presses it against Tim’s trouser covered pric The feeling is amazing.
Abbie pulls it away after only a few seconds as she knows Tim would not want cum here. Possibly ruining his suit pants and have a wet spot on display in the shop. Abbie smirks at him and takes one of this model from the shelf add their growing shopping basket.
Further down the lane, there are different, smaller vibrators geared toward men. Having what was more or less a cock ring to hold the vibrator against the back of your coc Others are moving into a new area, vibes for stimulating prostates. They have a head to press against the p-spot and the other end to vibrate against the perineum. Abbie, winking at Tim, chooses an interesting looking one to add to their stash.
And following the order of the store, next in the lane are butt plugs. Ranging in size for tiny beginners, not even as big as a pinky finger, up to ones that are incomprehensible of being able to press it up into your ass. Double the size of someone fisting you, something neither Tim nor Abbie ever wants to experience. But the size is mind-boggling and makes them wonder if it is just for a joke or if someone ever had.
In the lower/mid-range, Tim and Abbie spend time over the options, looking at different ones and then at each other to see what level each would like to experience. They are both drawn to glass ones of a medium size, thinking about how chilled they would feel. Another they ponder over is an inflatable butt plug. Once the plug is settled in place, it can be inflated larger. Some even have a vibrator to add to the feeling.
Abbie is somewhat surprised that Tim seems interested in such items. She wonders if the night with Abe might have triggered something for him. Whatever the reason, Abbie is glad to see he is drawn to such toys. To the point that he throws of each of them into their growing basket, the glass ones, and the inflating vibrating ones.
In a low voice near her ear, Tim whispers, “They look like something we could have fun with together.” Abbie moves and kisses him fully on the lips and quietly says, “Yes, we could.”
The possibilities open to them here in this treasure chest is amazing to Tim. They turn to the next aisle and find all sorts of items for BDSM. Tim winces, as does Abbie, over some of the more intense bondage and discipline items. The whips, canes, cuffs, nipple clips and clamps, and spreader bars. They look at each other, and the expression on each of their faces and eyes tells it all. No, this is not a place they would want to go.
Moving quickly down the aisle, which had they entered at the front end, they would have seen the tamer items first. Now they are in front of different paddles. They are made of wood, leather, a combination, or some even plastic. There is also a collection of hairbrushes nearby. Looking at the leather paddles, Tim now is the one winking at Abbie as he picks different ones up.
Abbie squirms with a combination of ‘oh no, what might Tim be considering’ to feeling herself now arousing at the thought of being over Tim’s lap, panties down, and him spanking her over and over with the leather paddle. When he settles on what to Abbie looks like the perfect one, he smiles as he places it on top of the basket's items.
Though Tim has no idea, Abbie comprehends immediately what having a paddle on top of the basket is announcing. Abbie, more experienced in this world of deviant behavior, knows that to go to the register to with the paddle foremost and first be rung up is shouting out that Tim has complete control punish her as he sees fit.
Abbie is almost as hard as she can get. Even with the bottom half of her dress billowing out, her full state of arousal is apparent if anyone looks closely. She blushes as she feels those incredible sparks of electrodes running through her body. Abbie knows they need to get home soon before she explodes. Or at least to the car.
The idea of a mixture of shame for being someone’s sub, more or less, and the excitement of announcing her wanting and accepting this role makes Abbie quiver with pleasure. Not that she is Tim’s subservient all the time, but making it look such brings precum dripping in Abbie’s panties.
As they move towards the checkout, Tim puts his hand on Abbie’s ass. Again, Tim, unknowing, is announcing that Abbie’s ass is his alone.
As all their purchases are rung up, Abbie knows the scenario she is running through her head is all just fantasy. But the idea of the dozen or so shoppers in the store, all seeing and judging her, is a real turn-on. Abbie wonders if she can/could tell Tim about this flight of fancy she just had.
It surprises Abbie, this little shopping trip to, okay, maybe forbidden jungles, is giving her such sexual satisfaction. Yes, she is at the point now. The pinnacle from which she does so need to release. Abbie is surprised that looking at different ways to pleasure each other gets her to this point. Tim her to for the purchases added this sense of embarrassment and sensual excitement. Announcing everyone that Abbie must for the items with which she will be disciplined.
Tim’s cock is still stirring also. Especially as he has notices Abbie’s excitement. They get out of the store and into the car, just in time before things go too far. But both know they are so close, and neither wants this stirring high to be wasted.
Tim starts the car, looks over at Abbie, and tells her, “Just a minute.” He drives behind the strip mall to the alley behind the stores used for deliveries. It is after general business hours, so no one will come upon them. As he does, Abbie is reaching up under her dress, grabbing her panties by the crotch and pulling them down off her. She doesn’t care if she rips or destroys them in her frenzy right now. She cannot be thwarted.
Tim lifts the steering wheel enough, pushes the driver’s seat back as far as possible, and leans the backrest all the way down. He undoes his pants and lets his cock see the light of day. It does in all its glory as it stands at full attention.
Tim helps Abbie over the console. She is straddling him now as his stiff cock finds its way to her love hole for them. Tim’s precum offers enough lube, though in the state that they are, lubed or not, doesn’t matter.
Both moan deeply as Abbie starts to ride Tim to their mutual climax. They are both so close from all that has preceded this moment. More or less beyond reason, Tim and Abbie push and push toward the final goal. Abbie is able to pull Tim’s shirt and tie up to his nipples as her clit is rubbing against his mons, ready to burst, and she doesn’t want to stain them.
Clinging to each other, Tim and Abbie explode together. And explode is the only way to describe it. After the strange foreplay of seeing, and for Tim, learning about all these different ‘tools’ you might say, presses them to an unusual sexual pea They kiss and embrace each other for several minutes until they calm again.
As Abbie shifts back her seat, and Tim pulls his trousers back up and tries push in his shirt look more respectable, Tim tells Abbie, “The next time you decide surprise with such a vivid side trip, please, just give a hint so I can prepare myself.”
Abbie starts, and Tim joins in, laughing over his comment. Abbie responds, “Well, we do have many toys ahead for us to try. A return visit here won’t be needed for a while unless you feel we missed something.”
They arrive home, and Tim is glad they have the attached garage so no one might see them getting out of the car in a somewhat disheveled state. Abbie grabs their bag of new fun from the back seat, and they head into the house.
“What’s for dinner, Tim?” Abbie says as they enter, “I’m famished right now for some reason?” She winks at Tim as she runs up the stairs to put their purchases near at hand to the bed and change into something loose and simple.
Tim is behind her to take off his suit, surprising, still in decent shape. He changes to just shorts. Tim heads downstairs and throws some things together for their dinner. Abbie is not the only one ravenous right now.
Tim and Abbie 34: The garden
Posted:Oct 24, 2020 4:04 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

Spring comes upon them as a soft, breeze. Offering delights for all. For some who are special, sexual enchantments also, which they share with ones they love. Open windows to let the gentle wind in leads to libidos charging. Morning moans fill the air in concert with the birds chirping.
It is a couple of weeks since the evening visit from Abe. Abbie and Tim are getting into a nice routine for work and play. They have kept to themselves a good deal, but that is what happens at the start of relationships.
Tim is pleased that Abbie has curbed her spending a great deal. While she has been funding the latest projects at the house and the new car, her -to- spending has significantly decreased. Tim planned to give Abbie four hundred pounds a week for whatever she wanted, leaving the major portion of her paycheck in savings. But at the end of the first week, Abbie tells him she still has the majority of the left, so Tim switches to funding Abbie this much when she lets him know she needs it.
A large portion of Abbie’s former spending was purchasing all her meals from restaurants and to-go places. Now with Tim, that is replaced with breakfast and dinner at home. Along with most days, the two taking leftovers or sandwiches for lunch. This changes Tim’s lunches also. No more plain sandwiches and a piece of fruit in a brown bag.
Adding to the reduction in spending, Abbie is not stopping most nights at the Wilde Peacock. What changes being in love with someone can make.
Abbie and Tim do go to the Wilde Peacock one or two times a week. But not at all like Abbie’s almost nightly visits before meeting Tim. They often see Les sitting at the end of the bar, where they now gravitate to join her. Les and Phoebe seem to be settling into a new relationship also. None of the four are upset that they do not see each other as much, but they enjoy it when they share time together.
Now the midpoint of spring is here when the world becomes alive again. These last weeks Abbie has been staring the kitchen and bedroom window Les’s backyard. first, Tim thought she was spying to find more about Les’s comings and goings. But from her questions and comments to him and Les, it seems she is more interested in Les’s beautiful garden.
Waking on a Saturday morning in mid-May around , Tim is surprised to see Abbie is not in bed. He looks in the bathroom and calls to her but gets no reply. He throws on shorts and top and goes downstairs, calling to her the whole way. Still no response.
Only when he goes to the double doors off the kitchen to the backyard does Tim see Abbie on her knees the flowerbeds yanking after of them. Her is already covered with dirt, as are her arms and legs. Abbie is so engrossed with what she is doing. She does not notice Tim come onto the patio.
Their backyard is not all that large. Cutting the grass takes Tim about minutes to mow, and their front yard the same. It is always quick work for Tim to trim each week. Unfortunately, there are overgrown flowerbeds all around the sides of the house and fence.
When Tim and his first moved is, Cyn did like to work in the flowerbeds, planting so many things. Tim now realizes that it is probably how her friendship with Les began. As Abbie is currently doing, she would talk to Les about which plants to add and gardening things.
But the last few years of her life, Cynthia had no interest in gardening anymore as she declined into despondency more and more often. Even after her death, Tim never really did much with the yard beyond cutting the grass. The flowerbeds are in great disrepair. It always has embarrassed Tim how his yard compared with the beautiful garden Les maintained. But not so much that he did any more than wack the beds now and then.
Seeing Abbie now so intense with her work brings a smile to Tim’s . He takes a moment to survey the yard. There is a shed up against the neighbors to the east -foot wooden fence. The shed had been repainted forest green during the house renovations matching the house's trim, so it does nice. There is a rather large brick patio down one step from the house's double doors. There, in the summer, a table, chairs, and a grill sit.
From the patio, there is a brick path leading to the shed and back-alley’s gate. This is where weekly Tim puts the trash bins to be collected. The yard and the flowerbeds next to the house follow across the back and down the fence to the shed. There are also flower beds against the stone wall between their and Les’s property, where Abbie is hard work.
The stone wall is only about three feet tall. It has always been a nice division between Les and his property. Able to see and with each other when in the yard. This seems to be what Abbie is doing right now.
Les is the first to see Tim and waves to him. He goes over to them and leans and kisses Abbie on her head. “Someone seems up and going early today. What are you up to, Abbie?” Tim asks her.
“Tim, this yard needs a lot of attention to get it looking nice. Cutting the grass is one thing, but allowing weeds to overtake the flower beds is another. Les is helping me to determine which are plants and which are weeds. Once we get all of the weeds , we can see what there is to work with. I have always wanted a lovely garden, and this is my opportunity to create one,” Abbie gushes to him.
Tim smiles his love and her energy this morning, asking her if she has had breakfast? Abbie brushes his question aside, saying she isn’t hungry right now. So Tim, being supportive, goes to the shed and brings the wheelbarrow and several yard waste bags and begins to shovel up the piles of weeds Abbie has already pulled.
Together they work in harmony, Tim taking on the bigger weeds with a shovel, along with the tree sprouts starting from the fallings from the few trees in his and Les’s yard. Some are a bit large as it has been years since Tim did anything more than just weed wack the beds. By mid- together, Tim and Abbie have accomplished a lot.
Both are and sweaty. At about , Tim abandons his shirt. Abbie has a tank top on, which shows off her curves so nicely. And the shorts she is wearing displays her wiggling butt as she moves along the beds weeding. Tim realizes this is the first time he has seen Abbie in anything but a dress, and okay, naked.
From the sun, both are starting to get a bit pink. Tim hooks up the garden hose for the summer and calls to Abbie to come to get squirted off. They take turns with this fun, Tim squirting down Abbie removing the top few dirt layers on her. The cold water running over her feels so nice, even if her clothes are getting a bit damp.
Then it is her turn to squirt Tim down. Goodness, he looks good bare-chested now with some color. Abbie notices how fit he is becoming. Three mornings a week, Tim gets up an hour early and goes for a run, back in time for them to shower and get ready for the ahead.
The fun with the hose accelerates. Tim, the hose in his hand lifted over his head, is letting the water spray down on them both. Mainly to see, Abbie is not wearing a bra, and her perky tits and nipples are fully displayed as the water cascades upon them. Abbie tries to grab the hose from Tim but being shorter, she cannot reach it. Instead, Tim pulls her to him and kisses her over and over as the water rains down on them.
As they kiss, they rub their bodies together. Tim’s chest and stomach are against Abbie’s boobs, wonderfully stimulating her more. They press their pelvises against each other, and the grinding of their wet pants does arouse both of them. Abbie feels a small orgasm run through her just from this contact.
As she often does, Abbie wonders how such small things between Tim and her can cause such amazing feelings. Some days, just talking to Tim on the phone about nothing, in particular, can make her clit throb and release juices.
Being with Tim, safe in their relationship now completely, Abbie can feel secure enough to let such incredible, lustful feeling incorporate in her. For Tim, it is much the same. The water falling on them, kissing Abbie with passion, and grinding against her makes him harden. But it is funny. It is not like he needs to consummate the feeling. Rather just enjoy the pleasure that Abbie excites in him.
Les, heading into her house, sees the water horseplay between Tim and Abbie and smiles contently. She sends up a small prayer that the two can always be as happy as they are at this moment. That their love for each other will be strong enough to sustain anything brought their way.
Totally wet now, Tim lowers the hose and stops the spray. He and Abbie walk together to the patio. Wet as they are, Tim tells Abbie to just sit at the table. He did bring out the table, chairs, and grill during the morning work, so the patio is ready for the summer.
Both realize they need to put some sunscreen on before returning to work. Tim tells Abbie he will get the lotion and fix them some lunch. Abbie suggests he brings her hairbrush and band to pull her wet hair back. He laughs, goes through the door, and Abbie being the only one who can see him, undresses from his wet clothes, and as Abbie watches his wet bare ass sway as he walks across the kitchen to head upstairs, she sighs at how just the sight of Tim, especially nude, can arouse her so.
It seems like in no time Tim, now in dry shorts, not bothering with a shirt, is bringing out sandwiches and beers for their lunch and the lotion.
After eating, each takes time, rubbing the sunscreen all over each other. They know from this morning they are somewhat burnt, and by night, they will feel some sunburn, but hopefully, covered now, it will not worsen.
Each takes care of rubbing the sun lotion on each other, adding a little lustful play to the moment. Tim first, having Abbie stand in front of him as he liberally rubs lotions on her shoulders and arms, sliding in the armholes to rub some on her chest, but Abbie knows that it is just a way for Tim to cup and play with her boobs and nipples for a bit. When rubbing on her neck, he does the same thing, expose to the ridge of her tank top.
Again Tim’s fingers rub down inside her shirt to ‘make sure’ she is adequately covered. But Tim’s attention to Abbie’s top is nothing like when he begins to lotion her legs. Starting at Abbie’s ankles, Tim works up her calves. The attention he to her thighs, caressing them as he rubs the salve in, is another matter. Especially as he spreads the lotion over her inner thighs. When there, his finger trespass inside her shorts to rub over her pantie cover clit, which is already throbbing. Then around to rub her ass cheeks. Up and down her crack to her rosebud to rim with his cream covered fingers some.
They are somewhat sheltered on the patio, except from Les’s yard, for anyone to see what fun they are up to. Les is still in her house, so they did feel safe being unobserved. Had they known, Les is looking her kitchen window as she washes up her dishes from her lunch. She has a balcony view of the play going on.
Les knows she should not watch, but the sensuality exhibited in such raw form keeps her eyes locked on the couple.
Tim moves his hand down the front of Abbie’s shorts and hits dirt. Abbie’s little throbbing clit is rather excited. Feeling Tim’s lotion covered hand running up and down and around with more and more squeezing makes Abbie lean against his chest, her arms around Tim’s neck as she sighs so deeply. Then her breathing quickens as she tries to keep from gasping as Tim is bringing her home.
Know his Abbie is about to squirt, Tim covers her clit head to catch all the shooting of her. Abbie is trembling so bad as she gives in to this climax, now audible gasping as she gives in. Shuttering, Abbie falls against Tim’s chest spent. Only her arms around his neck keeps her from falling to the ground.
Tim holds Abbie close as she calms. When she can stand on her own, Abbie takes the lotion from Tim and begins to spread it on his bare chest and back. Down his legs and arms, and some on his . Abbie smiles Tim and promises she will more thoroughly cover him later, but now they need to get back to work. Tim smiles, understanding.
They work for a few more hours, and by five, the beds in the backyard free from weeds. Abbie starts visualizing which plants and flowers she will put where. Talking to Tim about this as they sit on the patio with a glass of wine each, the bottle within reach.
The late sun, feeling tired but content with what they accomplished, Tim and Abbie enjoy the just being together peacefully now. Oh, later, yes, muscles will ache, and sunburn will heat their skins, but right now, all is good with their world.
Abbie’s attention turns to the shed. And her imagination goes into overdrive. “Tim, what would you think about building a greenhouse on the side of the shed? It could have a door from outside to it and one from the shed. Think of all the flowers and plants we could get started or store for winter in it,” Abbie suggested.
Suddenly, Tim can almost see Abbie’s vision for the backyard with new plants, flowers, and yes, a greenhouse. He replies, “There should be enough room for that addition, and perhaps dig out more of this part next to the patio to plant herbs and vegetables. It would be nice to have homegrown things, especially from such easy reach from the kitchen.”
Abbie jumps on Tim’s lap, realizing how much he is getting into this idea and how lovely their yard will for the summer. She hugs and kisses Tim, telling him that it is clear where they will be spending their weekends and evenings for a while. Tim hugs her back, and kiddingly replies, “Well, I hope not all our time.”
Abbie laughing kisses him again.
To jump ahead a bit over the next month, by mid-June, the greenhouse (thanks to their ever-available contractor) is build. Tim enlarges the plot near the patio, building it up with wood walls to be a raised bed. They plant mainly herbs but also lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, garlic, and onions.
A trip to a nursery filled the back of their SUV with plants and flowers, and another weekend is spent planting them all. The front of the house is not forgotten either, the beds are cleared, and mostly a variety of hostas are planted filling the space nicely and adds a nice contrast to the house's forest green trim.
Taking pictures of the ‘new ’ of their house, both Abbie and Tim are proud of how welcoming, light, and airy it all looks. While they are working in the front yard, many neighbors stop and comment on how nice the house looks. Some ask if they are new owners considering all the work, Tim blushes some as he realizes that except for Les, he never had much contact with the neighbors.
However, Abbie loves the attention and the people who stop while on a walk to comment, she invites to see the backyard. Abbie does suck up the praises she is given. To be acknowledged for something she has created is not something Abbie ever had much of in her past.
Everything with the flowerbeds and yard is going on while other things happen during those weeks. Things which add to Tim and Abbie coming to enjoy each other more and more.
Tim and Abbie 33: Abbie changes her identity
Posted:Oct 12, 2020 2:08 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

Suddenly, such freedom is opened Tim and Abbie. No longer shackled public transportation, they have extra time in the morning begin their day. Time for them spend some morning enjoyment. Whether in the bed, bath, or shower. made possible by now having a car of their own.
Neither has ever owned their own car. Tim has his license, thanks Leslie. When he was sixteen, she taught him drive using her car and urged him get a license. She told Tim, congratulating him on this milestone, that whenever he would like or needed to, Tim could borrow her car.
Tim only took this offer a few times in the years that followed. Though when Les, Cyn, and Tim would go grocery shopping and the like, Les always had Tim drive for them.
This first morning though, Abbie and Tim need get dress quickly as the contractor is to be there at eight a.m. They are just finishing breakfast when he arrives with his crew. After introducing Abbie, Tim talks about what needed to be done, like the paint jobs for the last two rooms upstairs. Moving the bed out of the extra room, replacing it with the one in the garage, along with vanity for the room. Installing a garage opener.
When he comes to the final task, the contractor suggests that with all the work Tim has done on the house, perhaps a brand-new garage door should be installed. And yes, with a door opener. Abbie agrees with the idea. As she says, she is paying for this round of work on the house, Tim concurs with her.
The contractor pulls up options for garage doors on his tablet for them to pick from. Abbie right away sees the one she likes. It has small windows at the top with pseudo handles and a style to look like stable doors. The white door looks nice. The contractor suggests that they paint the garage frame the same forest green as the front door for contrast.
Abbie can visualize this the forest green front door whose frame is white, with the green around the white garage door. That green also runs around the trim of the house. Yes, it is all settled. Abbie and Tim, now hurrying, go to the garage and off to work in their new ride. Tim drops Abbie at work and then heads to his assigned space. This is nice, even with some side things this morning, Tim is at work a good fifteen minutes early. He hadn’t ever really considered how much longer the commute is on the bus, with all its stops.
Some of Tim’s coworkers see him getting out of the new vehicle, now wondering even more what is going on. Not just the new car, but the premium parking space. What is going on with Tim these days?
Meanwhile, Abbie goes about getting all issues taken care of at her job. By lunch, she is caught up, and rather than getting something to eat, she begins to change her address first at work, then the reoccurring bills and credit cards. Work from the start had her listed as Abbie Adams, but for most bills and credit cards, she has gone by A.E. Adams (the initials of her given name). Thinking about this, and the bank manager’s comments last week, Abbie ponders what she would need to do to change her name and gender legally.
She does some searching online and overreacts some when reading the requirements in the United Kingdom to do so. The information was from a government site, which she took to be the current requirements.
Abbie has never checked into this before, as she has always taken life as it comes. After reading some of the requirements, Abbie is in tears. She is insulted by the United Kingdom’s rules she finds that states to change your gender, you have to have a doctor diagnose you as having ‘gender dysphoria.’
Then Abbie reads from the United States sites the requirements to change your gender on your birth certificate. While states vary, it seems basic that you need a physician's certificate that you have undergone gender reassignment surgery.
Abbie is enraged about this. Making a person announce publicly that they are abnormal in some way. That it is a ‘disease’ causing her to feel the way she does. Or that she actually undergoes the full gender reassignment surgery which Abbie has never wanted. She did enjoy getting her breast augmented some, but that is all she wants to be done ever, especially now she is with Tim.
Abbie always makes sure she is looking at authoritative and valid sites when she researches things. But she does have a habit of collecting information and not checking other sites to see if it holds true, which is happening to Abbie right now. It takes Abbie a few minutes. She cries and fills herself with indignation before she can calm herself.
Abbie centers herself and searches more. Then she finds that she can change her birth certificate in the United States much easier. All that is required is a simple statement from a physician. As stated, ‘whom the person has a doctor-patient relationship stating that based on his or her professional opinion the true gender identity of the applicant and that it is expected that this will continue to be the gender with which the applicant will identify in the future.’
Abbie calms herself as she knows the Director of Pathways is a physician. He knows her well enough to complete the form letter for her. She does look at other state's requirements, and many are not as progressive as Kansas, where she was born.
While Abbie lived most of her life in Nebraska, when the family expanded its agricultural business, she was born in Kansas, where the first farms started. Abbie had first looked at Nebraska’s conditions, which did follow the sex reassignment surgery requirement, that initially unset Abbie so much. Then remembering her place of birth, is pleased to find their much more lenient point of view.
Centering herself again, Abbie contemplates about after she has the altered birth certific she can then ask for her passport be changed and other legal documents. She is calmed and happy that it will be relatively simple for her do, but then starts wonder about transgender people in other areas. This leads Abbie consider something even more that she realizes she has confront.
that Abbie has found today gives her this energy to take a stand and help others who are forced into antiquated requirements. Her choice in how she sees herself and presents herself to the world is not some ‘disease.’ Or that suggesting that this way requires her to undergo extensive and expensive surgery.
Learning about this side of things makes Abbie ponder things. Things about her and Tim together. What if there were times when she would have to conform to the gender assigned her. Would Tim accept that? Abbie knows that Tim loves her, so is it just her?
When Tim picks her for their now short ride home, Abbie tells him about the initial search results and her being upset.
“Tim, this is going take time, which is fine, but legally I am still seen as a male,” Abbie tells him. Tim knows this but hearing it out loud brings it home him.
He loves Abbie for who she is. What some piece of paper says doesn’t matter. Then he considers things from Abbie’s point of view. Having show such ID and be questioned about it would be embarrassing and hurtful. He can understand why Abbie got upset, bringing this home her.
He is not sure what say Abbie comfort her, more than understanding her upset.
When they get home, the work has been done. The new garage door looks terrific. They see the crew packing after finishing. Tim leaves the car in the driveway and walks over the contractor to thank him. The contractor hands Tim the remote for the door.
Back in the car, Tim opens the garage door, and they pull in. Both head upstairs first to check out the two rooms now also finished. Everything thing in the house now is different and new. The spare room looks lovely in the light lavender, and Abigail’s room in rosy pink is perfect. Even the stenciled Abigail’s Corner, and over the doorway, Abigail’s Room.
Next, they go to their bedroom to change clothes. Tim’s new suits came with wooden hangers keep them from getting wrinkled. His new suits, being of much better quality and brand, with the right hangers, keep his suits crisp and unwrinkled. This is something Tim’s suits never had in the past. Now each suit looks good each time he puts one on.
Tim changes shorts and a t-shirt, throws his work shirt in the laundry hamper and turns Abbie, who is taking her time getting out of her work clothes. Tim tells her that he is going start supper while she gets changed. Abbie just nods him with a wistful expression on her face. Wondering if something is wrong but not wanting ask until Abbie tells him, Tim heads the kitchen.
Once alone in the bedroom, Abbie goes the closet and lifts a cardboard box off the top shelve. She opens it and takes khakis and a shirt from it. Closing the box back , Abbie puts it back the shelve. her clothes discarded now, Abbie goes the shower, she scrubs herself over and washes her hair. Abbie is making sure traces of makeup or hairstyling are gone.
After drying herself, Abbie puts on the clothes she had taken from the box and dries her hair. She just makes sure it is dry, and then pulls it back into a ponytail at the back of her neck. Looking at the mirror, Abbie now sees Abe looking back at her. Someone she has not seen for years. She sighs deeply, then goes to the top of the stairs and calls down to Tim to come and sit in the living room.
Dinner almost ready, Tim turns off the stove and walks to the living room and sits in a chair facing the stairs. He is not sure what to expect and is a bit startled, seeing Abe walk down the stairs and coming over to him.
“Tim, this is me. My legal self. It is something you need to see and know. To accept that it is what I am to authorities,” Abe says. Tim notices that as Abe, Abbie’s voice is a bit lower than how she usually sounds. This reinforces for Tim how much Abbie has gone through to make herself real.
Abe stands before Tim shaking a little, wondering what Tim will say. Will Tim say he is no longer interested?
“Abe, Abbie, I fell in love with you for who you are. I know no difference between Abbie or Abe. You are who I love and cherish regardless of the image you present,” Tim says. And doing so, he stands, takes Abe into his arms, and kisses him with great passion.
Tim lifts Abe up as they kiss, and Abe wraps his legs around Tim. It is minutes before they stop kissing, and then still holding Abe in his arms, Tim carries him upstairs to their bedroom.
He places Abe on the bed taking his shirt and pants off. Then Tim quickly takes his own clothes off. Tim maneuvers Abe to the middle of the bed, and between his thighs, Tim moves to take Abe’s glans into his mouth. Sucking on it, as Tim acknowledges to himself that he is sucking on Abe’s cock and balls. This is male to male. And it doesn’t matter.
As Abbie, it will always be her labia, clit, and vag; right now with Abe, it is his cock and balls. Sucking more and more of Abe in his mouth, then moving to suck his balls, and even rim him some, Tim is a man on a mission.
Tim sucks Abe until he is hard, then comes up to kiss Abe again, this time with a bit of precum on his lips. While Tim kisses Abe, he rolls them over, so Abe is on top now. Abe moves to kneel between Tim’s legs to start to suck him in return, which is what he figured is wanted.
Tim reaches into the drawer and takes out a rubber and lude. Abe wonders why the condom, as Tim has stopped using them much anymore. Abe starts to go down on Tim but is stopped. Tim gently pushes him upright and opens the condom and rolls it up Abe’s cock. Tim rubs lube all over it and hands the bottle to Abe, asking him to lube his hole.
It is clear to both of them what this gesture is all about. While Abbie would never ass-fuck Tim to confuse him, Tim is offering himself to Abe to do so. Tim, hoping he is ready to experience this, knows that it shows his Abbie/Abe just how much he loves them, regardless of gender designation.
Abe is a little hesitant to go forward but does apply lube to Tim’s ass and sticks his finger up in him to spread it around. He takes a few minutes, pressing his fingers against Tim’s prostate to help him both increase his excitement and to relax him some too.
They look into each other’s eyes, and Tim nods his head. Abe takes it as being ready to start. He pushes just his glans in Tim’s asshole, only up to the sphincter, and holds it there as Tim accustoms himself with this new feeling. As if to tell him to continue, Tim lifts his ass some to help Abe press in further.
Abe, being smaller in the cock department, it is not long before he is entirely in Tim. He looks down at Tim and sees him smiling as they begin to rock together. Tim lets out moans of pleasure feeling someone up in his ass for the first time. It is like Abe is breaking his cherry. But Tim is not the only one.
This is the first time for Abe to fuck someone also. , before he truly acknowledged who he was, Abe had dated women a bit. But that was just mindless groping at each other, never going ‘ the way.’ And while Abbie has been with many men in her past, she never took the lead role, being the one pressing his cock into anyone.
This experience, new to both of them, is so enjoyable, but puzzling for them. Abe feeling a man’s cock bouncing against him as he bangs him is unique. Everything about this interlude is.
It is not long though before Abe hears Tim moaning deeply. His cock is trembling between their stomachs. Abe takes Tim’s balls in his hand and squeezes them, pressing all of their semen out into Tim’s cock.
Tim moans again and shuddering heavily. He comes, squirting all over their mons and stomachs. Abe is shortly behind. Feeling his love’s cum all over him and knowing now that Tim is both Abbie’s and Abe’s true love, Abe comes in the condom, filling it entirely.
Abe is panting as he kneels between Tim’s lifted legs. Tim drops them from Abe’s shoulders. Abe shudders a last time and then pulls himself from Tim. He falls beside Tim and just plays with the cum covering Tim, making patterns with it. Tim laughs and does the same to Abe for a while. Neither talking nor making any motion to move.
Both are contemplating what just happened. Was it enjoyable? Would they ever want to again this way?
Tim realizes that he was aroused from having his ass fucked. Probably only because it was Abe, not that he would ever want to do that with any other man. Abe is amazed that he finally did be the top to someone. It was exhilarating for him, and he loved it, but is it something he would want to do often? Probably not.
It is almost a half-hour later of just caressing and kissing as both think this through that Abe reaches under the bed and gets a cloth to wipe them with. Slowly they both sit with their backs the headboard and do talk.
“I hope I did upset you in any way appearing as Abe,” Abe begins. “It just that I discovered today made realize you did have know ‘the other ’ for us move forward as a couple. I don’t think Abe will ever appear again unless appearing as such is required.”
Tim puts his arm around Abe and pulls Abe him, “Abe, Abbie, it is you who needs decide which persona you are comfortable in at any given moment. And I will respect that. I told you I love you for who you are, whether a female or a male. Both of you are beautiful too me.”
And Tim did mean what he says? Seeing Abe nude, his body looks the same as Abbie’s but just acknowledging his appendages. Knowing it is Abe he is with, Tim sees the male side being presented to him. Abe does not really have an Adam’s apple, and without makeup, yes, perhaps Abe’s face in a bit rougher looking than when Abbie has her makeup on. It still is beautiful, and he can see Abbie there even when she is Abe.
They both sit holding each other in silence for a while. Then Tim says, “, dinner is probably well done by now, we should go eat. Do you want dress or stay like this? It would be nice see you nude for a while longer. It is so nice we can enjoy ourselves in such a state here cozy in our home.”
“Do you want spend the evening with Abe?” Abe asks shyly.
“I think I do. I would like hear about how you transitioned Abbie, and what it was like before you did so,” Tim replied.
And so, completely naked, the two go the kitchen heat dinner and eat. It is a long meal as Abe tells Tim of his early life, realizing his real identity, and then tentatively moving act his true feelings. How the scholarship the United Kingdom changed his life being someone new. Abbie took time coming out entirely, but when she got the job with the Pathway Organization, it became easy for her to change her sexual identity for everyday life.
Abe assures Tim that he has not regretted that decision every. Abbie is who he now is. Tim takes Abe’s hand and squeezes it, “It is Abbie who I was attracted to so much, regardless of anything else. There is a part of you, Abe, in her, and if you ever need to come out again, I will understand and love you in the same way. Thank you for sharing this side of you with me. I am sure it was not easy, but I am glad you trust me enough to show Abe to me.”
Tim has tears in his eyes as he says this, and Abe’s eyes are filling also. They squeeze hands, binding themselves together. Tim, standing and taking dishes to the sink, asks Abe, “Would you like to stay as Abe until the morning, or would you be more comfortable changing back to Abbie?”
Abe replies softly, “I think, things considered, returning Abbie in the morning will be soon enough.” Together they clean the dishes and then watch television for a while with a scotch each. Sitting on the couch together as they watched the highlights of the weekend football matches, they bond as two men. There even is a bit of roughhousing, which does arouse each of them.
Tim realizes as they turn the tv off and end the evening that he genuinely likes Abe also. Tim has never had any real close male friends, and if even for this one evening, it is nice to know that he does have a male friend, who he happens to love, just as Tim does Abbie’s female side.
In bed together, they do cuddle together, but in a bit different fashion. As each nod off to sleep, they know come tomorrow morning, Abe will be gone and his lovely Abbie will return.
Tim and Abbie 32: Buying a car
Posted:Oct 11, 2020 2:14 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

Upstairs, Abbie shows just how horny she is.
The lust which has been building up in viewing and selecting a car modeled her precise choices starts her juices churning as she sits Tim’s lap, feeling his hard cock growing against her crack. Everything is primed for a wonderful scene unfold.
Abbie gets of Tim’s clothes off him in minutes and then has him settle himself the bed as she does a slow and seductive striptease for him.
You can almost hear the music in the background as Abbie slowly reaches behind her unzip her dress. Then, one shoulder at a time, she takes the dress down just above her breasts, sliding her arms out of the sleeves as her hand holds the dress for now. Then, slowly, Abbie brings the dress down, first showing one breast after the other, enclosed in a very slinky lace bra. Her nipples are hard pressing against the bra.
Tim is already feeling himself harden, watching this special, private show. As the dress descends over Abbie’s waist and hips, Tim can see the top of Abbie’s panties peeking out. When she allows the dress to drop to the floor as she steps out of it, seeing her now in just bra, panties, garters, and stockings send rushes through Tim’s body.
The little bulge against the panties seems to excite Tim even more. Deep in Tim’s mind, he tries to analyze why this would add to his pleasure. It doesn’t matter, the judge in him rules. This is the person Tim loves and accepts and enjoys every aspect of.
Abbie lifts one leg on the bed as she unhooks the stocking and roll it down and off her leg. Then she switches legs and does the same again. Tim, watching this all, finds himself excited about seeing Abbie’s ‘clit’ so clearly through the thin material of her panties.
Tim is getting used to this added feature of Abbie’s but is now enjoying thinking of it as her big ‘clit’ and her two labia bearing entrance to her back ‘vag.’ He knows what all are, but there is like a spell over them making them seem like something they are not. But, as said, Tim knows that it is because he loves Abbie so much, and she is his dream come true. Let others think what they want. He and Abbie have a perfect relationship together.
The garter belt is undone and tossed aside. Abbie reaches behind her to unhook her bra, and it is another titillating performance as she slides out of the strap and plays peek-a-boo teasing Tim with a glimpse of her nipples before letting the bra fall to the ground.
All that is left now is for Abbie to step out of her panties. She will then be nude like Tim. So slowly, Abbie moves her fingers inside the panties' waistline at each hip. She begins to reveal slowly, so to enjoy the whole experience. First, her shaved mons come into view, then just the tip of her stiff appendage, more and more are revealed until her lovely little marbles show, hard and ready.
Stepping from her panties, Abbie begins to crawl the bed. Tim is sitting with his back the headboard. Abbie crawls over him, her legs are straddling his thighs, and her arms posed each side of his shoulders as she kisses Tim with such passion and lust.
Tim moans at this on slaughter, still getting his breath from watching Abbie’s performance. Kissing Tim, Abbie moves her arms around Tim’s neck. She is now more or less sitting Tim’s cock. She whispers him grab the lube, which he does, and covers her vagina hole and his cock.
Abbie slides down Tim’s throbbing cock, feeling him fill her so. Both let out a mutual moan. Abbie’s hand moving from Tim’s shoulders the headboard slats for support bounce up and down Tim with total abandonment.
Abbie’s large clit and labia are banging against Tim’s mons and stomach. His balls are hitting Abbie’s ass cheeks in much the same way. Both are on this wonderful ride that they almost lose track of time or where they are.
Both panting hard, they can feel themselves reaching that highest cliff and are ready to release all the trapped lust they have built . Almost in sync, Tim shoots into Abbie as she lets out of her penned- juices Tim’s stomach.
They collapse together, kissing each other’s faces and saying thank you over and over to each other. Then they both start laughing at how silly it is. They both showing such gratitude. They hug, Tim grabs a towel from under the bed and wipes them both clean, and they cuddle together for the night.
As they lay together and just before sleep overtakes them, Abbie tells Tim in a small voice, “We will have both our names to the car title, Tim, but you will have to show your license and such for us to buy it.”
Tim, a bit surprised at the comment, asks Abbie, “Why, are you afraid without your ID as Abbie you don’t want to show it?”
Abbie laughs, like tiny bells ringing, as replies, “No, Tim, while I have driven tractors, trucks, and such in America since I was about twelve, I have never gotten a driver’s license here in the United Kingdom. I guess it is one more thing to put on my to-do list if I am going to be part owner of a car.”
Tim tickles Abbie some and says, “Yes, I would think a license would be in order. I am not going to be your chauffeur, Miss Daisy.” They both laugh and snuggle together for the night.
The morning at work passed quickly again for Tim and Abbie. But the afternoon seemed to slow to a snail’s pass. The car dealer called Abbie and tells her that she can pick the car today if she wants to. She will have to have proof of insurance to release the vehicle. He tells her the VIN to give to the insurer. Some of the things needed to get her dream car seem like a lot to provide before they can get the vehicle. The dealership is opened later today so they can go there after work.
Abbie talks with him for several minutes, though he has most of the information from her online order. She explained that the car is to be in her and Tim’s names, but his license will be used for the purchase. The dealer seems fine with of Abbie’s requirements.
Abbie calls Tim as soon as they hang , she tells him about needing insurance buy the car. Tim replies that he will take care of it. He already has a homeowner’s insurance with a company that can add the vehicle .
Abbie asks about transferring the amount of money needed for the car her checking account be able for the car outright today. Tim tells her he has already transferred more than just the cost of the vehicle this morning, knowing it would be needed.
They discussed how to get to the dealership. A cab would be the easiest. Abbie says she will order one to pick her , and then Tim, as the dealership is north or where he works. Every settled, they try return their attention work, but in honesty, both are excited about getting the new car today.
VIN passed along, Tim calls his carrier and gets the insurance. Then he calls his company’s properties department and asks for a parking space to be assigned to him. An allocated parking spot is one of the perks Tim has never used for over years now. Not owning a car it was unneeded.
In the past, Tim came the rescue for the properties department many times. Every other department in the company has had Tim’s help and feels appreciative of Tim also. So, when after years of not needing anything himself, everyone is more than happy help him whenever he asks for even the smallest help.
Not even an hour later, the properties manager comes Tim’s desk and hands him the car sticker and parking space number. Tim is surprised how quickly this happened and thanks the manager for his rapid response. The manager winks at Tim and says, “For you do for everyone here, it is the least I could do in return for you.”
Tim thanks him again, and as leaving, the manager comments, “Is that a new suit? It looks really good on you. I love your colorful tie. It really stands out.” Tim blushes at this and is glad the manager walks away, so he did not have reply.
The tie, which does give a nice bolt of color the charcoal gray suit, is one of the ties Abbie picked out at the outdoor market last weekend. Just wearing these new clothes changes Tim’s opinion of himself something positive. the changes he is going through are due Abbie. She is the one who has been helping him view himself as something worthy.
Tim looks down at the sheet showing his parking space. It is on the first floor of the parking structure and one of the front spots, almost mixed with the executives' places. Tim smiles and silently thanks the property manager for offering this him. It is much more than just a parking space; it is a statement his colleagues of his value the company.
Things are happening so fast, and such significant changes. Tim’s new look that Abbie helped him with. Totally remodeling the house, now to be a home for Abbie and him. And now a new, rather classy car. It like at this moment in time, Tim is starting a new and so much better chapter of his life. And all due to Abbie.
Finally, the workday is over, and Abbie is outside waiting for the taxi to arrive, she is so excited. She directs the driver to Tim’s office building, where he is waiting to be picked .
Standing for the few minutes before the taxi arrives, many of his colleagues leaving stop for a minute to tell Tim how much they like his new look. wonder how he could have a whole new wardrobe without spending a great deal of money. The gossip mill at work is churning again with speculations after hearing about his request for a parking space. He must be buying a car too.
Luckily, none of them know about the remodeling of his house, or their tongues would be flapping like an electric fan. Already, possibilities of what is happening with Tim run the gamut. From being offered a new job elsewhere with a huge signing bonus to that he is somehow embezzling from the company.
Tim knows many of the employees of the company do like to gossip about everything and everyone. It bothers him, but he cannot do much about it. It is so like what Abbie got punished for this weekend. He does have a low level of tolerance for such behavior. Others over the years have tried to get him to join in, but he purposely removes himself from such conversations.
Tim gets in the cab, and a few people see Abbie in the cab, and then Tim kisses her as he settles into the seat. More things for tongues to wag over.
At the dealership, everything goes smoothly, and after Abbie writes probably the largest check she ever has, they are owners of a brand-new vehicle. They get in the car to leave, and Tim notices and comments to Abbie that there are only five miles on the car to start.
Hearing this, Abbie is gleeful. She loves the color of the car, its features, even the sunroof, which she opens as the evening is lovely out. Mid-May flowers are blooming, the trees in full glory. Tim suggests a bit of a drive. Partly try out the car, and partly enjoy having it and their new freedom drive wherever and whenever they want . Free now of the need for buses, cabs, and trains go somewhere.
Abbie is thrilled. After playing with the radio, she finds a good station enjoy as they drive. The console is low between the seats, so it is easy for Abbie reach over and caress Tim’s thigh. He is enjoying it immensely, but he tells Abbie behave, or they will get into an accident before owning the car for an hour.
Abbie laughs and backs off some. They enjoy the ride through the country, but from Abbie’s groping at him and Abbie herself feeling the urge, they know they will soon need an outlet for their rising lust. Tim says to her in a bit hoarse voice, “Abbie, we could find someplace private enough to stop, but there would be a chance we could get caught. Perhaps we should hurry home?”
Abbie would love the idea of being out in the wilderness and the two of them fucking and pleasuring each other, but she knows going home is the better and safer option.
They get home, and Tim climbs out of the car to open the garage manually. As he climbs back in to pull the car in, he tells Abbie, “Well, one more thing for the contractor. They are coming tomorrow to paint. Hopefully, they can also install a garage opener for us.”
In the garage, the car off, and the door closed. Tim tells Abbie, “You know we have no idea how the back seats feel, perhaps we should try them.” Abbie sees the glint in Tim’s eyes and understands. She opens the door on the passenger side and climbs in. Tim joins her from the driver’s side.
They fall into each other’s arms and kiss deeply. Tim is already fiddling with Abbie’s dress and more. Abbie is keeping with him in that part. His suit jacket is flung over the front seat, his pants following. Her dress does the same, then his tie and shirt. Kissing and groping each other, they both are soon naked.
Abbie moves sit Tim’s lap and his enlarged penis. She rubs against him some pick some of both his and her precum. It is enough lubricate Tim’s glans. Abbie then lifts herself enough pressing Tim’s cock into her back vagina. Both let out a sigh of satisfaction.
Then, surprising Tim, Abbie just sits this way with his cock deep in her. She does not bounce or anything. Looking into her eyes, Abbie says, “Stay this way for a bit, Tim The feeling of you so in is so delightful, and I hope with my sides throbbing against your cock is enjoyable you too.”
Tim smiles her. How could he not enjoy this incredible experience? deep in Abbie, her hard clit rubbing against his mons, his body is on fire. Tim smiles at Abbie and moves his hand her boobs and squeezes and plays with them through the fabric of her bra.
After about ten minutes, Abbie starts lifting herself off Tim and coming down hard again. The back seat is wide enough brace her legs both sides of Tim hold and rock him there. Tim, feeling his ass rubbing against the soft leather seats, is getting additional stimulation right now. He moans and takes Abbie by her waist pace and control her thrusts and releases.
, it feels so good for both of them. No matter how often they fuck, each time is sensational. They continue hump each other as both are reaching that spectacular height when is released. , it is cumming soon for both of them. Tim feels drips of Abbie’s precum juices on his mons as he feels himself releasing some adding the lubrication of Abbie’s ‘vagina.’
They look into each other’s eyes, mostly. Abbie’s excitement about this lovely new vehicle causes her to look around the interior also, which brings a grin to Tim’s face. They know they are both about to explode. It is so nice that Abbie and Tim usually cum at the same time or within seconds of each other. Does this, happening regularly, help solidify their relationship and keep it growing? Who knows for sure, but for Tim and Abbie, it is just one more solid stone they are building their relationship on.
Both spent, Abbie leans on Tim’s chest as they both recover. Slowly then Abbie gets and stands outside the car as Tim climbs out too. Abbie grabs a cloth to wipe the back seat of any signs of what happened. And grinning, Abbie tells Tim, "Well, I guess we have christened our new ride.”
Tim laughs in reply and puts his arm around Abbie as they walk into the house with their clothes in their hands. This is nice. Pulling the car into the garage allows them to be naked entering the house, which does add to things so well.
Tim and Abbie 31: Off to work again
Posted:Oct 10, 2020 12:36 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

Monday morning dawns. Tim and Abbie rise to get ready to return to work after their days off. Abbie thinks about how funny it is, how things have so changed since last Tuesday, the last time the two went to work together. Then it was from her stop by her apartment, which is no longer hers. Now, getting on from Tim’s stop, the two go together.
While they haven’t got the morning down to a routine yet, they shower together, enjoying running their hands over each other’s bodies. After dressing, Tim goes down to get something for their breakfast, while Abbie finishes her hair and makeup.
They are out the door on time and at the bus stop with minutes to spare before the bus arrives. Abbie brings up a topic which she has begun thinking about after having Les’s car to use over the weekend.
“Tim, I have been thinking. Considering all the money I am saving with housing expenses, which you so generously have allowed to happen. What would you think of us getting a car? I will pay for it, as it seems I have more than enough money,” Abbie broaches with him.
Before he can reply, Abbie barrels on, “Think about the time cut from our commute, the flexibility it offers us, and just the convenience. I don’t think petrol will cost as much as both our bus passes each month.”
As they climb on to the bus, Tim laughs at Abbie’s new enthusiasm. And their entrance from a different stop, where Tim used to be getting on alone, is not lost on their fellow regular commuters.
“Abbie, that could be a good idea. Maybe a practical, used car we could get for a reasonable rate,” Tim tells her.
“No, Tim, a new car, and a good one. Why buy something whose value and performance might diminish quickly. I think we need to plan this week to look at different models. In the meantime, let's both look online to see the options,” Abbie replied with force. “Besides, it is my money which will buy it for us.”
Tim shakes his head. While what Abbie is saying is sensible, her once again wanting to spend now that she knows her real monetary status, is what she had asked him to curb. But a car would be so nice to have, and Tim understands Abbie’s underlying feelings about wanting to contribute to their new life together.
As they near his stop, he leans and kisses Abbie and tells her that sounds like a good plan.
Tim, dressed in one of his new suits, has eyes turning to look at him by his colleagues. They can tell there is something majorly different about Tim from a month ago but can’t quite figure out what is going on.
Tim, taking off three days last week again, and now with this refined new image does cause tongues to wag. He goes about his work but with a more confident air than he had. Rather than just fixing errors others made in their work, Tim now points them out to his coworkers and make them correct them. Only a small thing, but making a point loudly that he is no longer everyone’s dupe.
His manager notices the changes, and Tim is now making others responsible for their own work. He is happy to see that Tim is willing to work with his colleagues to understand how and why changes are needed. He hopes Tim keeps up this pattern; it will help all the staff be better workers.
Abbie does not forget her daily check-ins with Tim, and it makes the day fly by.
Work done for the day, Abbie and Tim arrive home around five-thirty. Les is out in her yard working, prepping her garden for the summer. She waves to them, and they walk over to the low stone wall between the property. Les invites them to come over.
They accept the invitation, Abbie, especially, as she is so eager to know what happened after Les and Phoebe left their house on Saturday night. She tries to contain herself, as she does not want to be over Tim’s knee again this soon. They settle themselves at the patio table. Abbie remembering Les’s tale about her and Cyn at this very table.
Les brings out a bottle of sherry and glasses, and they each have one. Les blushes some as she starts, “I want to thank you for letting me join you Saturday on your excursion and then dinner. I would have never imagined what happened would from that.”
Tim tells her they were glad she joined them, and they too had an enjoyable time. Now Les really blushes as she lays her hand over Tim’s, “I would have never thought what happened could, and I hope you are alright with it, after just learning about your mother and me.”
Tim looks at her gleaming eyes and tells her that while that side of his mother is something he needs to comprehend fully, nothing Les could do would diminish his feelings for her. Les squeezes his hand.
Before Les can continue, Tim squeezes her hand in return and tells her, “This much I know Leslie, you loved my mother, and am sure gave her so many days of happiness. And your watching over both of us when she succumbed to her depression. Since being here for me, nothing you did, or do, can never change that. All I want is for you to find happiness for yourself.” Tim leans and kisses Les’s cheek, which has tears dripping on it from Tim’s comment.
She thanks Tim and brushes the tears away. They are all quiet for a moment until Tim says, “I’m sorry, Les, I interrupted you. What did you want to say?”
“That’s okay, Tim, and I am not sure how exactly to explain things. After taking Phoebe back to the Peacock Saturday night, she asked me to join her for a drink. One thing led to another, and we spend the night together. Then again last night. It seems to be happening so swiftly, but we are in love with each other. We are working our way through how to make it work,” Les confesses.
Abbie cannot contain her joy. She jumps up and hugs Les telling her she just knew Phoebe and her would hit it off. She is so happy that things are moving so quickly between them, and neither could find a better mate than each other. “Well, except Tim and I,” Abbie giggles. Then she settles down, so Tim does not think she is overreacting.
Tim hugs Les too and tells her how glad she has found someone after so many years alone. There are tears in all their eyes of happiness as they finish their sherries, and Tim and Abbie head to their house to fix dinner.
Over dinner, Abbie is silent about what was just revealed to them. Tim can tell she is busting to talk about it. But Abbie is refraining herself to follow the latest of her rules for behavior. Tim is holding in his laughter watching her.
Finally, he relents and says, “Abbie, it is now a known fact that Les and Phoebe are together and seem to have found companionship with each other. That is something that can be discussed. Just not going off on wild speculations about things between them. I am thrilled for them that they did find each other. And yes, for you to have realized their compatibility to encourage them meeting and getting to know each other.”
Abbie sighs deeply and tells Tim, “I am so grateful that they also have. I have come to care a great deal about both of them and am glad they are no longer alone. You can see the glow about Les now, and I am sure Phoebe is the same way. While I would love to go to the Peacock tonight to hear what Phoebe has to say and to talk to them together, the prudent thing to do is to wait until the weekend for them to adjust to their lives together.”
Tim smiles at Abbie and leans and kisses her. “Baby, that is a very mature attitude to take, and I am glad you are showing restraint. I, too, would love to know more, but we will as time goes on, which is how it should be.”
They spend the evening in the study, Abbie sitting on Tim’s lap, exploring different local car dealers websites considering various models. Abbie is pushing for the most upscale models, Range Rovers and BMW X3, explaining that an SUV would allow them room to carry things with ease and have a smooth ride. Tim shakes his head some at the prices of each.
Then Abbie sees a Ford EcoSport, and she is transfixed by it. She likes the idea that she would be supporting a USA business in the end. Yes, Abbie will always have ties and commitments to her home country. She sees one in this metallic smoky blue, which she falls in love with.
“This is the one, Tim; this is what we should get,” Abbie tells him. She starts ‘building’ the car she wants and chooses many added features. The final price is a bit staggering, but it is a beautiful vehicle. Tim realizes that while the price is just over twenty-five thousand pounds, that is less than half of what he will have spent fixing up their home.
Abbie clicks on the link to find where the car of her dreams is available. She is directed to a dealer near them that does have one to their specifications in stock.
Abbie clicks the button saying, ‘wants to buy.’ It involves adding contact information and such. Abbie has all correspondences directed to her, which is as it should be if she is the one buying the car. “Now we just need to wait to hear from them tomorrow,” Abbie says, closing the laptop.
She jumps off Tim’s lap and pulls his hand to lead him upstairs. “The idea of that wonderful car being in our garage soon is making me horny, sir,” Abbie tells Tim as she pulls him along.
He laughs and follows her.
Tim and Abbie 30: Meanwhile, between Les and Phoebe
Posted:Oct 9, 2020 12:44 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

After receiving the text of thanks from Les, Phoebe checks out the stock and set-up for the day before replying. She wanted to immediately but did not want to disturb Les with a text while she was driving.
Phoebe: Memories of last night and this morning linger in my mind. You are who deserve my thanks.
The text comes through to Les just as she pulled into her drive. Parked, she replies.
Les: I cannot believe what happened between us and cannot wait until this evening to see you again.
Phoebe: Why don’t you come around eight instead. I will make sure I can get off by then. I am already dripping again in anticipation.
Les: That sounds fine. The hours are going to drag until then.
After that exchange, Les gets out of her car, and as Tim watches, almost floats into her house. She would have never thought twenty-four hours ago how her life could suddenly change to something so much better.
Then Les worries. Tim has just found out about her and his mother. Would Les being with someone else now upset him while still trying to wrap his head around what he learned about Cyn? She would not want to hurt Tim in any way, and Les would never forget the bond she and Cyn had. Should she stop things before they begin?
This small worry is in the back of her head all day as she goes around straightening things. She sees with new eyes how her house needs to be remodeled like Tim’s. Les’s place was never as dark and gloomy as Cyn’s, but it is somewhat outdated now, and upgrades would be welcomed.
By mid-afternoon, Les lies down for a while. They hadn’t gotten much sleep last night, and probably not tonight either. As her eyes close and she is in that in-between place of awake and sleep, something happens. Les sees Cyn before her as she had been that first afternoon, with such a glow about her.
Les hears Cyn’s voice say, “Les, I am so glad you finally finished mourning me. It has been quite long enough. Phoebe is lovely and perfect for you. Don’t totally erase the memories of us but give this new ‘us’ being offered to you a chance. You will be delighted.” Les tries to say something, but the vision fades, and Les is left to dream about Cyn, who seems to turn into Phoebe for about an hour.
Back awake, there are still several hours to pass before she sees Phoebe again. Les thinks about calling or going over to Tim’s to talk to him. But then, comprehending this is the last day of their first weekend, she does not want to bother Tim or Abbie.
Les thinks more about how things started with Phoebe last night. At the same time, similar thoughts are running through Phoebe’s mind that afternoon.
Les has always been the dominant one in all her relationships. She set the tone for how things went. Her partners, for the most part, were such frilly women, willing to let Les dictate what was happening. With Cyn, it was a bit different, but she did submit herself to Les controlling things between them. It wasn’t as extreme as in other relationships, but Cyn always bowed to Les’s decisions.
‘After last night with Phoebe, do I still feel the need to be dominant?’ Les wonders.
Phoebe is pondering the same thing. While she does not dress in a semi-manly manner as Les does, she is the ringleader for all the games she plays. Phoebe dresses rather provocatively as a woman on the edge of desire. But she can be forceful and convincing, the guiding force in all her couplings.
Of late, all Phoebe’s encounters have been Phoebe playing at luring curious women into this side of life. Yes, and she cast them off soon after. To be honest, Phoebe has never been with any one person for long. A few months-long relationships over the years, but they could be counted on one hand.
How would it work with two controlling women together? Both feel the need to tell the other about their past. And finding a way that both are happy together is their role. Les and Phoebe, over the afternoon and early evening, debated with themselves about this.
Les realizes she enjoyed their first night together when she willingly submitted to Phoebe being in charge. Has she changed her focus after eight years alone? But she does like to be the one on the top from the past.
Phoebe remembers how Les did so submit to her last night. It was so delightful, and how she likes their interactions. But then Phoebe remembers telling Les that she would be in charge tonight more or less. Would Phoebe be able to submit herself to Les being in control?
Could she?
Both women that afternoon come to comprehend that their time together last night was something so distinctive. For some reason, so fast coming on, their feeling for each other is a meeting of mutual minds and desires. Perhaps the labels and positions each take do not have to be so. Let this be something together as mutual partners. Something so simple which neither had ever considered nor done before.
Seizing the moment when this sweeps over Les (and at the same time Phoebe), she pulls her phone out and calls. When Phoebe answers, Les tells her, “I don’t know what is coming over me. I can hardly wait to see you. Whatever role you want me to play in this to keep it going between us, I am willing to accept. But perhaps we don’t need to have defined parts, just enjoy each other equally.”
Phoebe gasps as she was about to call Les saying more or less the same thing. There is dead wire between them after Les’s declaration. Phoebe composes herself and replies, “Les, I have been thinking about the same things. Neither of us has to play any given role. I don’t care either. Perhaps we should just let things go as they do. It will become apparent as we move forward if we need to have a structure. I think just us together, pleasing each other in and out of bed is where I want to start.”
Hearing what Phoebe says, Les lets out a deep sigh and thanks Phoebe for being so open and optimistic. Les tells Phoebe she can’t wait to see her in a few hours.
And the hours again pass slowly. Around five-thirty, Les hears her phone chime as she finishes undressing to step into the shower. The message is from Phoebe. Les sits naked on her bed as she looks at the message.
Phoebe: Hearing your voice was wonderful and brought back memories of last night. But hearing just your voice is not enough for me now.
Seeing this, Les feels wonderful shivers running through her. She responds.
Les: I know what you mean. Just your voice causes me to quake. And the thought of your hands on me, and mine on you takes me even further.
Phoebe: Les, I need so bad to feel our bodies together again, your skin touching mine.
Les: Yes, together as our passion rise, our whole bodies dripping in anticipation. Our sweat mingling together as we kiss and explore.
Phoebe: Become as one as our passion takes us higher and higher to the perfect summit.
Before Les can reply, a second message comes in from Phoebe.
Phoebe: I need you. I… and does not continue.
Both women from this interchange are so aroused, both need a release. But, knowing they will have the ultimate cumming together soon, they calm themselves.
Les contemplates so many things as she sits naked on her bed. She thinks about what she shared with Cyn so many times. Les sees her reflection in the full mirror in the corner. Memories of Cyn come back so fully. Then Les almost hears Cyn talking to her again. Cyn, telling Les to go on, it is time, and Phoebe is the right person.
Les, in this daze, thinks back to the last time she had been with Cyn the evening before she died in the night. Then, Cyn had told Les much the same. To not mourn her, to go on with her life. Find someone to share it with. Les would know when the right person came along.
Strangely, now that Tim knows finally, and he is so settled, it is like Cyn releasing her from everything so Les can move forward herself. Oh, Les will always be there for Tim and help him along. Les now feels like she is emerging from an eight-year hibernation to see the sun shining on her fully as she comes to the surface.
Phoebe is so delightful. Already she has taken Les to places she would never have expected. What little they did last night is already causing Les’s nerves to be aroused even thinking about it, let alone experiencing it.
Les knows somehow she is falling for Phoebe. It is like a spell has been cast over them. Les wants to stay there for as long as she can.
Phoebe is feeling much the same, in a different way. She has been sexually active since her teens, with both sexes, but never felt like she is feeling today. The past intercourses were dalliances, a few lasting for months but so meaningless. None of them sent such waves of pleasure through her as Les has with a gentle touch, Phobe remembers what happened and thinks about Les.
Why is this different? They just kissed and caressed last night and this morning. Phoebe had pleasured Les, no big deal. Yes, memories of their shower are delightful to think about, but to be this excited about seeing Les again soon and getting so wet in anticipation?
Phoebe blushes suddenly, then those suggestive messages, not even knowing where such sentiments came from. Damn, what is happening to her?
Les arrives at the Wilde Peacock just before eight o’clock. She sits in her car for a moment. Thinking about how before yesterday, she had never been to this pub before. Had she wasted years when she could have been knowing Phoebe? She shakes her head as she knows yesterday was the date and time set for the two to meet. What had happened in their lives before was just preparing them for this moment.
While she knows she could go to the back door and knock, instead, Les goes to the front entrance to experience coming into the pub like the first time yesterday afternoon. The bar is attractive, clean, and welcoming. She had noticed that yesterday. No real wear and tear about it, just a comfortable, lived-in place. Phoebe has done a fantastic job creating and decorating this place, so regardless of inclination, all feel at home and safe.
As Les walks up to the bar, Phoebe comes from behind it and greets her. She gives Les a warm kiss on the lips then leads her to a seat at the one corner of the bar. “This is where I usually am each afternoon and night when not serving myself,” Phoebe tells Les. “It has the best view really of the whole place so I can keep my eyes on things.”
Les comments about how she sees the bar and how homey it seems for everyone, complimenting Phoebe for her skill of creating such an environment.
Phoebe blushes some as she thanks Les for the praise. Les tells her she is unsure why she had not come in before, as she had heard about the Wilde Peacock for several years now. And she wants to share this place, as a welcoming place for everyone, to the people in her classes and groups she conducts for the community center.
Phoebe thanks her again, saying the more, the merrier, besides helping with the overhead. Phoebe explains that since she took over the bar, changing its name and design while welcoming everyone openly from the LBGTQ community, she plays it low key to the general public. Ones that come in either accept the diversity or find somewhere else to go.
Les laughs and says, “Well, the choice of the pub’s name, Wilde Peacock, does seem suggestive.”
Phoebe laughs too and tells her, “It is funny, the old-timers from before I bought the place, and more strait-laced, don’t seem to get the name of the place. And throwing a few peacocks into the décor helps them not catching on until they are here for a while.”
Phoebe goes on, “It is interesting these last six years owning the pub, how many of the old regulars have adapted to the changing environment and have switched their mindset to being welcoming and accepting. The pub is finding a wonderful balance acceptable to all.”
Les is impressed. While they have their drink and talk, her mind wanders to what she wants ahead. Just looking and hearing Phoebe this close, all Les desires to do is rip off all her clothes and begin to explore this magnificent woman.
Les can see through the sheer linen blouse Phoebe is wearing, and even though enclosed in a bra, her nipples are so hard Les can see them pressing against Phoebe’s top. Les longs for the moment the nipples will be in her mouth to pleasure Phoebe.
Both women are trying the best they can to hold back their lust for each other, knowing this get-to-know-each-other stage is all part of the cumulative dance between them. They are building their desires for each other. But it is also about to explode between them.
They gaze into each other’s eyes, and know that they are both while hearing and enjoying what each is sharing, need to take this to a higher level, like right now. Phoebe takes Les’s hand in hers and leads her to the elevator, calling to the bartender that he is in charge for the rest of the night.
The short ride up in the elevator is spent with Phoebe and Les groping each other and kissing passionately. It is clear, without conversation, how much they crave each other. In Phoebe’s flat, their clothes are quickly shed, and Phoebe on her back on the bed, feeling Les beginning to explore her body.
Les is a thorough and ready lover. She takes her time kissing Phoebe more before moving down to her neck, nibbling and licking all around. She moves to Phoebe’s side and rolls Phoebe so her back is facing her as she concentrates on the nape of Phoebe’s neck. Feeling Les’s tongue and warm breath there sends shivers all through Phoebe’s body.
When Les begins to run her tongue down Phoebe’s spine, followed by her fingers gently trailing behind, Phoebe’s whole body feels alive. Electric shocks of the best kind are running through her, and goosebumps are visible on her skin. Up and down, Les goes several times, just to Phoebe’s tailbone then back up.
The final descent Les continues down Phoebe’s crack, landing at her asshole, which, spreading her cheeks some, Les runs her tongue around and around. Phoebe is in seventh heaven. Rarely does Phoebe get this excited unless someone is licking and pleasuring her pussy, but Les is finding all sorts of erogenous spots to stir Phoebe.
After kissing and nibbling all over Phoebe’s ass cheeks and down the back of her thighs, Les turns Phoebe on her back again. Les spreads Phoebe’s thighs. Les bends and begins kissing and licking Phoebe’s inner thighs, one after the other, each time moving closer, almost, but not reaching her pussy.
Les continues to enjoy the taste and smell of Phoebe, who is now giving off such an incredible sexual fragrance as juices are flowing more and more from her. Les reaches up one of her hands and begins to run her fingers through Phoebe’s short mons hairs, pulling at them a little, which sends sparks through Phoebe’s body, almost scratching at the area to bring it alive.
Les can feel how steamy Phoebe’s cunt is becoming, so wet and sticky. Phoebe arches her back several times, trying to get Les to touch her there. Les is more experienced in pleasing others, much more than how Phoebe has played at the basic games with her victims. She wants Phoebe to learn to respond to even a touch to the arm.
And Phoebe is learning; all these wonderful new feelings flushing over her from gentle touches is mindboggling to her. Phoebe's play has been rather ‘wham bam thank you, ma'am,’ the thrill of the chase, the kill, and then discard. Even in longer couplings, neither got to know each other or care that much more than for their animal needs, probably why none ever lasted.
Les is thrilling her, introducing her to so much more. While it is so hot now to feel Les’s lips on her clit and up her vag, the waves of buildup are such a new thing to feel.
Les does not deny her, just helps Phoebe to mount to the ultimate place. She runs her finger down from playing with her mons, through Phoebe's wet and wanting slit, spreading the labia apart, which Les moves to begin to suck on to get red and swollen. There is already a dark flush spreading over Phoebe’s chest. Her breathing is getting erratic, and Phoebe’s hands squeeze Les’s shoulders as new wave after wave flow through her.
Feeling Les’s fingers running up and down, then a couple of them settling in Phoebe’s vag to dance around and ignite her G-spot, Phoebe lets out this long mewing cry, almost whimpering from contentment. When Les's fingers spread Phoebe’s labia, and Les begins to suck and lick her clit, Phoebe is ecstatic. She wants time to stand still, her at this moment, to go on and on forever.
Phoebe’s fingers run through Les’s short hair. Perspiration is dripping from Phoebe’s brows and arms. Her whole body has a glow from the fluid over it. And the primal scent fills the air.
Les brings Phoebe to climax multiple times with her fingers and tongue working together on her pussy to allow Phoebe to feel these delights. Finally quenched, Phoebe pulls Les up to her and kisses her deeply, tasting her cum on Les’s lips.
Phoebe hugs Les tight, and through bated breath, she thanks her repeatedly as she kisses her face. Les pulls Phoebe to her and tells her to relax and enjoy the sensations which had overtaken her.
Les’s gentle stroking and talking to calm her is something new for Phoebe too. Never had she ever experienced afterplay with someone, really. Usually, she just wanted the person to leave after she had her fun, but Les is so different. Her care and kindness send gentler rushes flowing through Phoebe.
There are tears in Phoebe’s eyes as she experiences this. Never would she have imagined she could feel so wonderful and wanting to be with someone. Phoebe and Abbie, over the years since they met, have talked about their connections and play. Both did have a rather superficial level of involvement with others, Phoebe because she did not want to invest in anyone. Abbie, because of the choices she made, did not want much more than a physical dalliance.
Phoebe wonders if Abbie has found something like what she has just experienced with Les, with Tim. She has had such a happy and relaxed look about her since it started a month ago. Is it only yesterday when they all had dinner together? Then there was a look of sheer joy about her.
Phoebe, held in Les’s arms, sensing such warm feeling between them, turns enough to look at Les’s face. Seeing Les smiling down on her makes Phoebe melt. 'Is this love I feel? How could I reach that point so quickly?'
Les sees the tears in Phoebe’s eyes and lifts her thumb to wipe them away. And with that small gesture, Phoebe knows. It didn’t matter how short a time it is since they met, Phoebe is fully and completely in love with Les. Phoebe stumbles over her words as she blurts out her feelings.
Les smiles at her and kisses her forehead and says, “Phoebe, that can happen quickly, or slowly grow, but yes, there is already some strong bond between us, which allows us to feel love from each other. I love you too, my dear.”
Phoebe could not be happier. Right now, all she wants to do is offer Les pleasure in return. Phoebe knows it would only be a fraction of what Les gave her. But she so wants this magnificent woman, who actually loves her, to feel wonderful too.
But Les stops her, “Love, there is all the time in the world for that and more. We will have so much fun, I think, learning more and more about each other. Finding out how we can pleasure each other in amazing ways. Right now, let's just lay here, happy in the feelings we have for each other and just talk and sleep.”
Phoebe understands, and for the next hour or so, both caress each other as they talk about their lives, dreams, and desires. Phoebe has never been this open with anyone before. It feels so good, and their touches bring both to mini orgasms several times as they chat.
It is around midnight when in each other’s arms, they fall asleep.
Tim and Abbie 29: The end of the weekend
Posted:Oct 6, 2020 1:40 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

Sunday morning, Tim and Abbie get started on their day. But not before Abbie peeks out the window one more time. Les appears not to be back yet. She says as much to Tim as they head to the shower. Tim again spanks one of Abbie’s bare cheeks and laughingly tells her to stop being a little spy. But he, in reality, is extremely interested to know the status of things between Les and Phoebe himself.
They shower, taking their time to enjoy each other’s attention to the important parts of their bodies. Both, if they knew, would have been surprised. At the same moment, Phoebe and Les are doing the same thing in a shower.
Tim and Abbie are learning how to wash each other as they shower to have maximum effect. Often such cleansing results in the need for a bit more after the fact. Abbie loves this bathroom Tim had created. The large whirlpool bath for when they want to soak together and this massive shower with a bench which can be used if urges overtake them.
Today is no exception. Abbie is rubbing the cloth up and down Tim’s shaft making him harder and hard. Tim is buffing the head of Abbie’s ‘clit’, making her grow also. When they move the cloth to wash each other’s crack and hole, their members dance together, their tips touching and circling each other in a strangely delightful way. Soapy clothes and fingers up both their asses, the moaning begins.
Their free hands are again caressing their appendages as their excitement mounts. Tim leaning back, his shoulder pressing against the wall for stability, Abbie is leaning into him to steady herself. This way, it does not take long until they both explode in rapture. Heavily breathing, Abbie leans against Tim as his arms encircle her to keep her upright.
They take their time to descend to earth again, letting the warm water wash over them. Abbie feels secure in Tim’s arms and enjoys this surge run through her body. Both now recovered, they clean each other up from the interlude and start on their day.
Over breakfast, and another peek out the window, Abbie talks of nothing except Les and Phoebe. Speculating what has been happening, pondering the future together for them. Tim finally stops her, “Abbie, one more word out of you about this until we know something for certain, and you will be over my knee and spanked.”
Abbie realizes Tim is serious, but there is a part of her who would like to be in that exact position. It has been a while. Abbie tells Tim she understands and drops the topic.
Though about ten minutes later, Abbie asks, “Is that a car pulling in? Is it Les?” Tim just gives her a stern look.
“Abigail, go to the room at the top of the stairs. Plant yourself in a corner for a time out. I will be up shortly,” Tim directs her. Abbie's mouth forms an O from that announcement. Tim is serious.
Abbie meekly replies, “Yes, Mr. Hudson.” She slowly walks upstairs and realizes where Tim is sending her is his old room. The room has three corners from which to choose. Abbie walks to one by the window. She places her nose against the corner. Her hands around her neck and waits.
Tim, downstairs, does not want to punish Abbie, but she did not listen to what he told her and thinks this might be a good opportunity to emphasize the rules Abbie so wanted. He clears their breakfast dishes, and as he finishes, he sees out the window Les’s return. Well, it does seem like she and Phoebe must have spent the night together.
Tim notices the almost skip in Les’s step as she heads into her house. Tim smiles and knows Abbie would be excited to know, but that is what she is being punished for, so that information will not be revealed until later.
He climbs the stairs to his old room and realizes, while a new paint of coat would be nice, this could be a perfect punishment room for Abbie as long as she needs one. Tim sits on the bed, places a towel over his legs to protect his pants, and calls to Abbie, “Abigail, pick up a hairbrush from the dresser and come over here.”
Abbie’s eyes, already red and wet from her crying in anticipation, does as Tim tells her. At the dresser, she is torn for a minute about which hairbrush she should choose. The one of hers that Tim has used before? Or this other, older looking, but just as efficient she is sure? It is one that Tim left there.
Not wanting to appear stalling, Abbie picks up the brush Tim had placed there and came to his side. “Abigail, why are you being spanked now?” Tim asks.
Abbie, now understanding her confession is all part of the discipline, says in a small voice, “Not doing as I was told and kept on yammering about something you told me not to focus on.”
Tim asks, “So, Abigail, do you feel you have earned this spanking? Not doing what you were told?”
Abbie replies, “Yes, sir, please spank me for being bad and help me learn to follow what you tell me to do.” With that, Tim lifts her dress over her waist, and Abbie bends over Tim’s knees. Abbie is shaking some from hearing Tim call her Abigail over and over. She acknowledges that it is a nice touch he has added for these intervals. It makes her feel small, and needing a spanking for misbehaving.
Once settled there, Abbie lifts her hips so Tim can take her panties down to mid-calf. Her dress is up over her back and shoulders. Abbie ass cheeks, so alabaster and smooth, look up at Tim in anticipation.
Tim can tell that Abbie is getting hard already, and in reality, the towel is in part to hide how hard Tim is also getting. With one hand on the small of Abbie’s back to hold her in place, he raises his hand for the first spank.
“Abigail, you are being punished because not only did you not do as I told you, but you do seem to tend to gossip about things that are none of your business. This seems to be a bad habit of yours, and you need to learn to suppress it,” Tim tells her.
Abbie cries out, feeling the sting on her right cheek, quickly followed by one on her left cheek. Back and forth, Tim goes making sure he reddens every inch of Abbie’s behind. And the upper thighs are not left out either.
The pain isn’t all that much so far. The embarrassment to be in such a position flows over Abbie making her cry even more. But while tears flow, Abbie also feels the churning inside her. Her clit is at full strength, and each spank does send cosmic quivers through her body.
Tim had explained when he agreed to be in charge of Abbie, this way, the spankings would be more for so many minutes, not spanks. Abbie understood, and now never knowing how long Tim has deemed for each part of the spanking, it added excitement to each ‘session.’
The hand spanking seems finally to come to an end. But Abbie knows there is still the hairbrush to go. Tim stops for a time, as Abbie hands him the hairbrush. He is please she chose his mother’s brush that he had put in here.
Before the second act begins, Tim rubs Abbie’s cheeks and thighs and then slips his hand up under her. As expected, Tim feels how hard she is and feels a bit of her juice begin to drip out of her.
Abbie’s hands so far have been over her head, holding the hairbrush. She now lowers them to be under her, between Tim and her. Abbie gropes around and feels the hardness of Tim pressing against his pants and towel. Abbie smiles inside, knowing Tim is enjoying this as much as she is.
Then the brush comes down to smack her left cheek for the first time. Abbie jumps at its impact and braces herself for what is to come. Over and over, Tim spanks each of her cheeks, thighs, and that tender sit spot between them. She is crying now and sobbing. She is sorry, "Sir, please, sir, I understand," but Tim keeps spanking her this way.
And it comes over Abbie again. Feeling Tim’s throbbing through the layers of fabric himself so close to cumming. The shivering rushes hurl through her. Abbie feels her ‘clit’ and her ‘labia’ so ready and wanting a release. Four more spanks and Abbie can’t hold it in anymore. Her juices spill out of her wetting the towel a good bit.
Tim controls himself for the moment as he does not want to cum in his pants. Instead, knowing Abbie has given in, he spanks her for a couple more minutes and then rubs her cheeks as her crying subsides.
Tim shifts Abbie, so she is sitting on his lap as his fingers brush her hair from her face and kiss her forehead. After about five minutes, Tim tells her to stand and return to the corner, keeping her dress raised and panties at her ankles.
Abbie shuffles to the corner and resumes her position. Her tears are some comfort to her. She knows, no matter how much she wants to ponder, she must never speculate about Les and Phoebe again. And for that matter, any other couples or people with whom they interact.
Abbie is feeling some self-pity as the bantering and gossiping about other people is something she craves. At work, there is always hypothesizing about the different staff and . But Abbie understands that Tim will not tolerate that at all, so Abbie will have to learn to pull back.
It is, in a way, a sad ending to this perfect weekend. But Abbie knows even in punishment, she can find release.
Meanwhile, Tim leaving Abbie in the corner. He hurries to the bathroom and pulls down his pants, standing in front of the toilet. It only takes a few jerks of his shaft for all the buildup semen in him to comes shooting out.
Tim signs in satisfaction but then deliberates about still having to jerk himself to climax. He had imagined with Abbie living with him, she would take care of all those needs. But still, based on what current situation and how much has buildup, it is worth the final discharge.
In time Tim and Abbie, when just pleasuring each other, the need to empty their own balls requires some private wanking. Like Abbie had done the other day with the prostate massage. And now Tim after Abigail’s spanking.
Tim cleans up and returns to what will now be Abbie’s Discipline Room or even better just Abigail’s Room. Abbie has been in the corner for twenty minutes now. Tim stands behind her and lifts her panties to cover her again. He even takes the time to settle her clit comfortably in the panties, then lowers her dress. “Abbie, your list of rules is on the desk. You will add a new rule, which I hope you will remember,” Tim tells her.
She goes to the small desk and gingerly sits on the chair. The four copies are in front of her. Tim dictates the new rule, which Abbie writes on the first page. “Rule Fifteen: Abigail will not gossip about things that do not concern her.” Abbie knows this rule will get her into trouble a lot if she doesn’t learn to refrain herself. She copies the rule to the other three pages and takes them to her dressing mirror, the kitchen refrigerator, and back in both their briefcases in the study.
Finished, she returns to where Tim is sitting on the bed in the small room that used to be his. “Abbie, go get yourself cleaned up, and we can go out for a while,” Tim tells her as he kisses her and then the back of her neck. Abbie hugs Tim’s neck. Her head on his shoulder. Abbie thanks Tim for being concerned enough about her to punish her when she steps over the line.
Tim just hugs her and then turns her toward their bathroom to repair the damages from the last hour or so. He goes downstairs to the kitchen and takes things out to defrost for dinner. Abbie soon joins him, not even glancing out the window. Tim sighs happily that Abbie has taken her lesson to heart. Especially since she is so interested in the outcome between Phoebe and Les.
But what he saw can wait until later. He takes Abbie’s hand, and they leave the house for a stroll through the neighborhood and the park nearby. They talk about many things as they go along. Abbie asks Tim how he felt about the prostate massages she has given him. Tim replies very satisfactory, and suggest Abbie show him how to do the same to her.
Abbie is delighted that Tim thinks both ways for their enjoyment. She talks some about having an enema before engaging in the massage. Then on to cleanliness issues for the various play in which they engage. Abbie talks kindly, with intelligence, outlining what they need to do as they play. Tim comprehends it all and agrees to the standards suggested.
The conversation shifts a bit, and Abbie brings up different sex toys to add to their play. The one she focuses on is butt plugs. She explains to Tim the different sizes and training to help someone take more and more without being squeamish. Tim is rather interested in this. Abbie suggests before long, they might need to take a trip to an adult toy store. Tim laughs about how Abbie refers to the store but agrees that such an outing should be had.
Over an hour later, when they come to a bench in the park to rest, Tim tells Abbie about seeing Les return from the night away. About noon before he came up to discipline her. Abbie is overjoyed with what Tim reveals about how she walked and her demeanor. Abbie starts to clap her hands in excitement, but her still sore ass reminds her, and she calms herself and just tells Tim that is interesting.
They arrive back home around five. Tim goes about fixing their dinner as Abbie watches from the kitchen table. She is enthralled watching Tim cook, but she can never imagine herself being able to make anything without a huge mess and disappointment.
Tim talks to her the whole time and tells her what he is doing. Abbie just smiles and watches along.
Dinner is ready around six-thirty. While they eat, Tim tells Abbie about the idea he had for his old room. “Abbie, the bed, dresser, and desk are fine as they are, but the ceiling and walls should be painted. You can choose what color, but in one corner will be stenciled, ‘Abigail’s Corner’ and over the inside of the doorway will have ‘Abigail’s Room,’ it will be where punishment takes place so not to blemish other parts of the house.
“When you have misbehaved, you are to go to the room and Abigail’s Corner and stand reflecting on why you are being disciplined. The spankings will take place on the bed. Then you will return to the corner after some aftercare for as long as told. If you need to write lines to reinforce why you were punished, you will do it at the desk.”
While Abbie is not thrilled with having a distinct place for when she is bad, she is happy Tim has thought of this solution so other parts of the house do not become associated with her being spanked. She tells Tim she believes it is a good plan, and perhaps the room should be painted smoky rose. Tim laughs some at the thought. Abbie wants the room close to the color her ass cheeks become when spanked. He tells her he will schedule the painters next week, and it should be ready in days.
About seven-thirty, they finish eating and talking. The two begin washing up. As the last plates are being put away, they see the light outside Les’s garage go on and her getting in her car. Her outfit is very becoming. It seems something special compared to what she usually wears. Abbie would love to follow her to see if she is returning to the Peacock and Phoebe but controls herself and does not say a word.
Tim, watching Abbie and seeing what she had, signs with joy that Abbie is so far taking her lesson to heart. But there still is one thing that Abigail needs to do to accept ‘her room’ and the rules. He takes the copy of the rules from the refrigerator.
Tim tells Abbie, “It is early still. First, go to the study and get a stack of the cream stationary and some pens. Take them to put in a drawer of Abigail’s desk. Then carefully copy out the rules for a sixth time. That copy will be for Abigail’s room. It will be framed and hung on the wall near your corner to think about when punishment is required.”
Abbie understands and goes up to the room. It takes her about an hour to copy them rules neatly. The whole time Tim is in and out of the room, clearing things from shelves, drawers, and closets so the room will be ready to be painted and become Abigail’s Room. Abbie completes the new copy around eight-thirty. Tim has a frame in his hand. He looks over the list of rules to make sure they are correct, then slides the paper into the frame.
Opening one of the desk’s side drawers, he places the frame there, telling Abbie, “They will stay here until the painters are done, so they do not get damaged. The same for the hairbrushes going into a dresser drawer.
“Tomorrow, I will call the contractor about painting these last rooms. Hopefully, they can do so this week. All that is needed now is for you to choose a color for the other room. Something you feel will go with your bed and makeup table.”
Abbie smiles at Tim and tells him a soft, sort of creamy, lavender. It would go good with her comforter and sheets, not to mention knickknacks she has yet to unpack but would work in there.
She surprises Tim some by her next comment, “Tim, I would like to pay for the renovations to these last two rooms. It would be within my budget, I think. They are in the end, are for me, so it seems proper that I pay for them.”
Tim hugs her and tells Abbie, that sounds like a nice idea. They head downstairs arm in arm and go to the sitting room to watch a little tv while enjoying a nightcap.
Tim and Abbie 28: Sunday morning
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Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

Sunday morning shines brightly again. In Phoebe’s big bed, she and Les wake together, smiling stupidly at each other. How two people act when first with someone new. There is just this inner happiness that can’t be contained. A real tell that something extraordinary happened.
This morning, there is the time in the world and a perfect time explore each other more and see where things lead.
Phoebe has Les her back as she is straddling her hips. Their cunts are rubbing against each other, and Les feels Phoebe already dripping her. As the fluids leave Phoebe’s vag, they run down her slit, over her ass crack, and fall Les’s mons and awaiting slit. It has been so long since Les has felt that lovely sensation that she is moaning in ecstasy as they start.
Les, still self-conscious about her body, has her hands crossed over her boobs. Phoebe takes each wrist and lifts Les’ arms over her head. Phoebe holds them there as she tells Les hold the bars of the brass bed frame. “Don’t you let go of the bars until I tell you too,” Phoebe warns Les. More shudders run through Les being controlled like this. No one has ever taken charge of her before. It is a unique and exciting feeling. She just nods her head to Phoebe to let her know she understands.
Then Les’s mind whirls some. What would Phoebe do if she removed her hands without permission? Would she discipline Les? In what way? But that flies from her head as she feels Phoebe kneading and squeezing her tits as her mouth drops to suck on Les’s nipples.
Les is not that well-endowed. Not quite as small as Abbie, but as she always has been active, her body still has some of the firmness she acquired over the years. Her breasts, about a 34B, are nothing compared to the two firm, perky, full breasts of Phoebe, which are before her eyes. Les would so like to take them to with and suck, but she dares not move her hands. Those lovely 40D cups dangling in reach are an incredible vision.
As Phoebe works her way back and forth over Les’s boobs, and then kissing, licking, and sucking on Les’s neck and shoulders, Les is moaning more and more. Phoebe is still gently grinding her pussy against Les’s as she plays and pleasures this extraordinary woman.
Les hands do start loosen the bars as she so wants touch Phoebe in return, but Phoebe reaches a hand and secures Les’s hands the bar, telling her just relax and enjoy. This is Phoebe’s time delight Les. She will get her turn respond. Les closes her eyes enjoy Phoebe working her way downward fully. Phoebe goes over Les’s stomach, and then Les feels her legs being spread. Phoebe’s warm breath and kisses are now over Les’s inner thighs, moving upward the prize attraction.
Then it happens. Les feels her labia being sucked and making them swell. Phoebe spreads Les’s lower lips apart, and Les squirms at the first lick of her slit. Les cries out in excitement. But that is just the beginning. Phoebe takes her time running and down Les’s slit. Fingers pressing into her vag searching for her g-spot, and when found, results in another gasp from Les.
Phoebe’s tongue is at work, sucking and teasing Les’s clit over and over. The combination of attention to her vag and clit. Les is surprised at how much fluid is running from her. From lack of sexual interactions, and only now and then satisfying herself when she feels lush building in her too much, Les somewhat thought that her days of secretion are over. But Phoebe finds the key to open that vault again, and the tidal wave coming out now is impressive.
Phoebe is lapping it like she can’t get enough of Les. And Les is starting cum. The first crash over her as her back arches and Les feels her vag throbbing against Phoebe’s fingers. Phoebe does slow for a minute so Les can feel the full ride but then is back pressing her g-spot and dancing her fingers around Les’s vag as she licks and plays with her clit.
A second crashing orgasm comes over Les, and this time Phoebe does not let at so that a third follows close behind the second. Les is shaking with excitement and exhaustion after the duel performance. Phoebe shifts smile down at Les with the sweetest, kindest look. Les lets her hands release the bars and throws them around Phoebe’s neck pull her close kiss her long and deeply.
The women kiss and roll their sides. Les begins return the favor Phoebe as she lowers her head suck her nipples. Phoebe pulls Les away a bit and tells her, “Les, this morning is just for you. I want nothing in return. Except you saying you will see again, and again, and again. I like everything about you, wrinkled or not, and I would like see where this leads us."
“Later today, or tomorrow depending things, it will be your turn explore and pleasure . Right now, I think we should get a shower and dress for the day ahead,” Phoebe continues.
Les, surprised, but actually delighted that after experiencing such an explosion, she was not expected do so for someone else right away. Instead just enjoy the pleasure it gave her. She agrees, and Phoebe leads her the bathroom. Again, Les is dazed as Phoebe, once the shower water warms, takes her hand, and leads her into the large shower.
Les had thought they would be each showering alone, but now, more than just sitting watching Phoebe’s lovely body be soaped and washed, she is doing it. The shower does give Les an introduction to feeling and enjoying Phoebe’s body.
She is running soap down Phoebe’s back and over her ass cheeks. Les squeezes Phoebe’s cheeks, finding them soft but still firm, a lovely combination. Her thighs are smooth and soft, making Les long for the moment she can kiss and nibble at them. Down over her calves, then back do her arms and neck.
Turning her, Les begins another downward path over her boobs, which she takes her time washing, Phoebe’s stomach, and then to her shortly clipped mons. As Les enters Phoebe’s lower sanction, Phoebe has been doing much the same to Les.
Both with soapy clothes in their hands, they begin to rub and clean each other’s pussy. , the clothes rubbing back and forth over their clits and into their vags. They both start to breathe deeper. Each takes their other hand and wraps around their waists to pull together closer and steady themselves.
Faces close together, they scrub each other faster and faster, making sure the cloth is hitting the tender spots. They kiss, deeply and fully as they both feel themselves climbing to that mountain cliff. Their vags are throbbing and the heat coming off each from their pussies is fantastic.
Together they move closer and closer to the edge. Pulling back from each other to gazes into each other’s eyes, they both give in to the temptation and shake as the climactic surge overtakes them both.
They cling to each other, laughing and so happy together. They again quickly clean that area of their bodies, wash each other’s hair and step out of the shower. Wrapped in fluffy towels, they move to Phoebe’s dressing table. It takes no time to dry Les’ short haircut, which seems to just fall in place.
Then Les takes the hairdryer from Phoebe and starts to dry and style Phoebe’s long hair. It falls over her shoulders, thick and dark brown. Feeling its softness as Les dries it, she remembers back doing this for Cyn. Her hair was longer also, and Les always enjoyed running her fingers through it as she dried it on the occasions they were able to bath together.
Les shakes that image from her mind and enjoys this new opportunity life seems to be giving her. Phoebe is smiling at her in the mirror as she dries and curls each strand. When finished, Phoebe’s hair is softly falling over her shoulders.
Often, Phoebe will wear her hair in a bun as she did not want stray hairs floating around in the bar. But the times she can wear her hair down like this are always enjoyed. Phoebe puts some makeup , still just smiling at Les, whose tan, lovely face does not use any makeup more than perhaps a swipe of lipstick now and then. Her beauty is apparent without any augmentations.
Neither woman want dress cover the view of the masterpiece each sees in front of them. Unfortunately, noticing the time, they realize they have . Les putting her clothes from yesterday, and Phoebe capris and a peasant-style linen top gives a wonderful view of her breasts.
Complete and ready to face the world, Phoebe goes back to what she told Les before their shower. Les had never responded, and Phoebe, now somewhat scared and shy, ask, “Les, you didn’t say if you would like this to continue between us. I hope you do. I find myself so drawn to you and already like you so much.”
Les notices Phoebe’s hesitancy and pulls Phoebe to her, hugging her close, “Phoebe, I would like nothing better than to get to know you more. How did you say it? I hope you will see me again, and again, and again. I like everything about you.”
Phoebe, with tears in her eyes, looks at Les and kisses her thanking her and telling Les how glad she is to have met her. “Well,” Les replies, “For some reason, I think someone had a hand in us meeting.”
Phoebe looks a Les and laughs, “Yes, I do believe I can see the work of Abbie in this. I wonder how she will react when she learns about our sleepover.” Both laugh heartily as they head the elevator.
At the back door, Phoebe tells Les that she needs to work the afternoon until about o’clock. The bartender today can, and usually does, close Sundays. She shyly asks if Les would like come back around eight-thirty, and they can do something after.
Les hugs and kisses Phoebe’s head, saying it sounds like a lovely plan. Then not wanting separate but knowing for the next few hours they need , Les heads her car. Phoebe calls after her, telling Les park in the same place when she comes tonight. Les waves to her as she gets in her car, and Phoebe turns her attention to the pub. But suddenly stops and runs to Les in her car.
“Les, what is your phone number? With everything, I never thought about getting it,” Phoebe spurts out. Les smiles warmly at her, and the two exchange numbers. By the time Phoebe walks into the pub, her phone is chiming. There is a from Les thanking her for a lovely evening and morning. Phoebe smiles contently and even hums some tune as she checks out the stock for the day ahead.
Tim and Abbie 27: Abbie’s match making works
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Last Updated:Jan 22, 2021 2:42 pm

Not wanting separate after that second kiss, Phoebe notices the time and has pull herself away. “Les, would you like another drink while I close up the bar? will take a few minutes,” Phoebe asks her.
Les hesitates and replies she is not sure she would be safe drive if she has more. Phoebe shyly tells her, “You could stay here tonight up in my apartment. I would like that.” With such an invitation, Les agrees. Both women feel themselves dripping in anticipation of what is ahead.
Les is surprised what a large crowd the Peacock has on a Saturday evening. Such a contrast to the afternoon when she, Tim, and Abbie visited earlier today. But again, it is Saturday night, so it should be expected.
Sipping on her drink, Les watches as Phoebe closes up, checks the till, and sees her employees out. She put two drinks down in front of Les, comes around the bar and leans to Les in her chair and wrapping her arms around her neck. Phoebe kisses Les deeply for the first time.
Pulling apart to catch their breaths, Phoebe tells Les, “Since the moment you walked in here this afternoon I have wanted to do that. Then all of Abbie’s silliness, you do know she is trying to hook us up? It seems like it would be forever until I could.”
Les laughs with her and admits she feels the way since being introduced Phoebe. As they finish their drinks, their hands running up and down each other’s thighs now, Phoebe confesses something.
“I know I have just met you, Les, and as I said, I was attracted you from the start, but I do somewhat have a bad reputation of picking up older women just with them once and then toss them away. I feel bad about it, but none ever seemed worth that much trouble to start a real relationship. I need you to know it is something different I am feeling for you,” Phoebe says.
Continuing, “If you do not want to take a chance from me telling you this, I will understand, I will be disappointed, but will accept your decision. You can sleep in my bed tonight, and I will sleep on the couch. But I hope you will take a chance on me. I can think of nothing nicer than having you with me in my bed tonight.”
Les takes in all Phoebe is saying and replies, “Phoebe, you need to take a chance on me too. You will be the first since Cyn eight years ago – well, now probably more like nine. Before her, I had scattered, meaningless partnerings. Much like what you describe to a degree. I want to see what can develop between us, but I am not sure I will run scared in the morning. If I do, please come after me if you do want something, because I think you are worth it.”
They lean and kiss again, sealing the covenant between them. Phoebe takes Les’s hand and leads her to an elevator in the back, which takes them to her apartment. It is a loft for the most part. It is enormous, actually filling all the space of the pub downstairs—an open kitchen and living room, then a bath and large bedroom. Ending , Phoebe turns Les her and begins undo the buttons of her shirt.
“Les, I can tell you have probably been the dom in all your relationships. I seem to do so myself. Tonight let me be the leader if you will follow. We can explore that dynamic later,” Phoebe tells her.
Surprising herself how quickly that feels right, Les nods, agreeing to let Phoebe take the wheel. Phoebe finishes unbuttoning Les’s shirt and allowing drop the floor. Her bra is the next follow. Then as Phoebe learns suck on Les’s nipples, she unbuckles Les’s pants, and they add the floor pile quickly followed by her panties.
Les is now completely naked standing in front of Phoebe as she soaks all in. Les reaches for the back of Phoebe and unzips her dress for fall in a new pile. Her bra and panties are soon added, and they now stand facing each other naked. Phoebe loves the shape and size of Les’s breasts and nipples and wants more of them, but first, she pulls Les on the bed on top of her, and the two spend several minutes kissing and grinding against each other.
Both their knees are covered in the sticky juices of the other. Phoebe rolls Les over so she can straddle her, her cunt dripping down on Les’s mons and slit. Both sigh deeply as they come together to kiss more.
What is it about those first moments of being together with someone new? The period which does so demand constant kissing and exploring of each other? Enjoying each other’s mouth caverns exploring every facet of each. It is like they can never get enough of just that. Oh, the other desires are right , but first, enjoy this beginning with each other.
Les is glad this is as far as they are going right now. Phoebe turns out the lights and pulls Les her, in the dark.
Les, conscious of her body, older now, and covered with wrinkles and loose skin, is glad the lights are now off. She is surprised at her feelings making her shy and unsure with Phoebe. Les has always taken the lead role in dalliances, but this seems so different. Taking the under position with Phoebe running the show seems so right tonight. Les hopes this is not just a one-night fling as she is drawn to Phoebe the more they talk and .
is like was with Cyn the first time. Both in awe of each other and what was happening between them. But this is almost thirty years later, and Les’s body has changed. She is now approaching seventy, and Phoebe what? Mid-forties? Phoebe’s body is magnificent, and Les is less than thrilled with hers these days.
Les confesses her worries Phoebe. Phoebe hugs Les and turns the lights back on. She then pulls from Les just enough her in the eyes. “Les, every part of your body excites me. I do not see wrinkles or loose skin, just this lovely woman , by some miracle, is interested me. I will cherish each wrinkle you think you have and enjoy the beauty adds you.”
Saying so, Phoebe begins running her lips and tongue all over Les’s body, stopping at each wrinkle or imperfection. Phoebe caresses and kisses Les’s entire body. She tells Les over and over how beautiful she is. By the time Phoebe finishes, Les feels so alive and excited, but they do need to sleep now. It is so late.
Les shyly thanks Phoebe, and the light is turned off. Tonight, Phoebe holds Les in her arms as they fall asleep.
After Les and Phoebe leave, Abbie is in a giddy mood. She helps Tim clean up, and he is impressed by how well she does that part of kitchen work. Maybe is hope for her yet in the cooking sphere. He notices how silly and happy Abbie seems and asks her about .
“Oh, Tim, ’s perfect. Just what I hope,” Abbie says. Tim looks at her questionably, and she continues, “Les and Phoebe, I knew they would be perfect together and look at what is happening already.”
Tim laughs at his love and tells her to rein in. All Les did is offer Phoebe a ride back the pub. Abbie raises her eyebrows him, and when Les has not returned an hour later when finishing up in the kitchen, Tim did begin wonder also.
He and Abbie, most things now completed for the weekend, plan for a quiet Sunday together tomorrow to rest before returning to work on Monday. They go to the sitting room, their legs propped on the new ottoman, and watch a movie. They take turns going to the kitchen to get fresh drinks or something to nibble on. Both out the window facing Les’s house see that are no signs she is home yet.
Tim tries press the idea Abbie raised out of his mind. He would so like Les find someone, but so quickly? He does like Phoebe, and she does seem interested in Les, and Les her, so perhaps somethings can happen that fast. In reality, that is what happened with Abbie and him.
Every time one of them makes this trek the kitchen, the other looks at them on their return get the shake of the head say, no, not back yet. After midnight, they head bed. Abbie comments that the pub would be closed by now and takes one final peek out of their bedroom window.
“Tim, I think something is happening between them. If not, even if Les went in for a drink after dropping Phoebe off, she should be home by now,” Abbie says.
Tim smiles at his little cupid and tells her that whether something happened or not, they will wait until Les or Phoebe tell them. He swats Abbie ass as he pulls her him, “And we will not ask about until they do. I didn’t know you had such matchmaker inclinations.”
Abbie gives Tim a little pout, looking so cute, and then kisses him over and over all around his face promising she will be good. Tim pulls Abbie him and whispers in her ear, “ would be nice if were happen, but we must, YOU must, let them decided where things are going. You did your part introducing them, now step away.” Abbie promises, and soon both are asleep.
Tim and Abbie 26: Taking Les out
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Saturday morning is sunny and pleasant when Abbie and Tim awake and start their day. In the high seventies, it is cool enough not to be overheated as they walk through the outside market.
After a quick breakfast where Tim tells Abbie he wants to learn to do the prostate massage properly for her enjoyment, they find themselves aroused again. They will have to put some reins on things, but for now, in the early days, it is fun giving into longings and desires.
Back upstairs, their clothes discarded, they fall together on the bed jerking each other as they kiss and kiss. Tim is jerking Abbie in the way she showed him early on to treat it like her clit. Abbie has a firm grasp on Tim’s shaft and is working it hard. They are getting rather good at calisthenics. They can shift their bodies as they play to be in a position to take each other into their mouths.
Sucking just on the glans to start, circling the head, running their tongues back and forth over their slits. It is like a well-choreographed dance each in perfect sync with the other. Their mouths move down the shafts to take more in. It is not difficult for Tim to get all of Abbie’s clit in his mouth. He can even take one or the other of her labia in to suck on too.
For Abbie, Tim’s cock is larger and thicker. To take it all in the head is butting against her throat. She loves this feeling knowing how well he fits in elsewhere for her also. But this morning, there is only time for oral.
This is more than enough fun for both of them to start the day.
Sucking and licking each other in time, they both get to that lovely summit they are striving for. Together Abbie and Tim let out a low wail as they both shoot out into each other’s mouths. Yes, the day ahead does look even sunnier and brighter.
They clean up each other quickly, then after a few lingering kisses, redress and are downstairs ready to go. Tim starts the car while Abbie runs to ring Les’s doorbell. She is also prepared, and from the look of first Abbie and then Tim, Les smiles at what the morning has brought so far.
Les’s mind wanders back to Cyn and her when they had the luxury of waking together and having a bit of a snuggle before the day began. She misses Cyn so much still, but Les is starting to realizes that mourning over the dead is not how to keep living.
Telling all to Tim and Abbie last night did bring back so many memories of Cyn, but the one part she did not tell them was the time they shared shortly before Cyn died. Cyn made Les promise to go on living to the fullest, find someone new who she could enjoy things with before it was too late. Les had pledged to her but had not felt ready to do so yet. And Les remembering it realizes that eight years is long enough to wallow. It is time to open her eyes to the world again.
Tim tells Les he thought they would take her car, rather than the bus, if okay with her. In case they find larger things they want to buy, it would be easier to get them back home. Les agrees, and actually is not that fond of depending on buses when she has her car.
They are soon at the outdoor market fair and walking around. Tim realizes this must have been where his father had seen him. He looks questioning at Les, and she smiles and nods, confirming what he thought.
It is funny, Tim again finds himself between two women he loves. This time he is holding each of their hands, rather than theirs around his shoulders. How things have changed, but in some ways, stay the same. They spend several hours looking at all the offerings. Tim buys some more spices, saying he is going to try something special for dinner.
Abbie and Les find some lovely straw summer hats for the season ahead. Both fit their different personalities perfectly. One vendor has wonderful bright and different ties for sale. Abbie spends her time over them and ends up buying six of them for Tim telling him they will go perfect with his new suits.
Tim feeling the ties he already had were enough does not stop her but does reminder she is supposed to now be on a budget. Abbie sticks her tongue out at him in humor and tells him it doesn’t count if she is buying things for her lover.
Hearing Abbie call him her lover stirs Tim. It is the first time she has said anything that way, and it does send a flush through his body. Abbie giggles and tells him he is well worth what she is spending on him.
They have kept their purchases small up until they come to a booth of beautiful ottomans. All sizes, shapes, colors, and textures are on display. Abbie wiggles with delight, seeing them. She thinks about the comfy couch and chair in the sitting room. An ottoman to put their feet on as they watch tv or for one of them to sit on to lean over to pleasure the other would so add to the décor.
Abbie finds one she feels is perfect in color and size. She tells Tim she wants it to complete the sitting room and something for her contribution to the room. Tim shaking his head and laughing, agrees it looks perfect. So now Tim is toting it back to the car. It is a good thing it fits in the back of the vehicle.
Once the ottoman is tucked away, Tim asks Abbie and Les if they would like to go back to the market to find some lunch or go to the nearby Wilde Peacock for a bite to eat and drinks.
Both women vote for the Peacock. Abbie because she likes it there so much, and Les, curious about the place from what she has heard. They get and the car and drive over to it to have the car close when ready to leave.
It is already late afternoon, and none of the three are that hungry thinking about the special dinner Tim is planning on making. But a drink would be good to wet their whistles. Abbie is thrilled to see that Phoebe is behind the bar, and as they take seats there, she introduces Les and Phoebe. Both are amicable with each other.
The bar is somewhat empty at the moment. Probably all out at the street market or other places to enjoy the lovely day. With just a couple down at the other end of the bar, Phoebe has time to chat with them as they enjoy their drinks.
Abbie is the one talking a mile a minute, telling Phoebe all about Tim’s house and their new relationship. She tells Phoebe she must come over soon to see it. Abbie goes on and on, telling her about Les some as she sits there smiling at Abbie’s account of her.
But it is not just Les who has her whole story to a degree told. Abbie does the same about Phoebe, telling Les all about her. It is like the two women are not there to speak for themselves. But it does lead to understanding smiles between them.
Tim finally gets Abbie to wind down, and when she does stop to breathe for a moment, Abbie begins to laugh at herself, saying she cannot believe how much she has just shared.
Both women tell her it is alright and did save awkward moments between them, trying to tell their backstories to each other. They all laugh over this, and an incredible feeling of friendship runs over them. Phoebe and Les do chat between themselves some, as Tim keeps Abbie occupied by stroking her thigh and whispering to her the fun he can imagine with the ottoman.
Phoebe asks Les if this was the first time she had been in the Peacock? Les tells her that she had heard about the place for a couple of years now and had wondered what it was like, but this was her first visit.
“I thought so if I had seen you here before, I am sure I would have remembered,” Phoebe tells Les with a wink. Both women just stare into each other’s eyes for a moment before blinking.
“I am sure I would have remembered you also,” Les replies, they both blushing some.
Tim suggests one more round. Then they do need to head home for him to make dinner. Abbie asks Phoebe if she has to work this evening, or does she have someone to cover the bar? Phoebe replies that the bar is covered for the evening.
Abbie then invites her to join them for dinner too. It would be the four of them, and Phoebe could see the house. All agree it would be a great idea. Phoebe goes to talk with the other bartender and is soon back without her apron, ready to go. She had been working all afternoon, but Phoebe has a way of always looking exactly right.
The four go to the car, and Les drives with Phoebe in the front seat, Abbie and Tim in the back make the short trip home. There once more, the car is unpacked, not anywhere as full as the last couple of days, and Tim carries the ottoman into the sitting room. Then he heads to the kitchen to start fixing dinner.
Abbie is in her hostess mode again, this time showing the house off to Phoebe. Les follows along, enjoying the pleasure Abbie has in giving such tours of ‘their’ home. Phoebe is impressed and tells Abbie over and over how lucky she is to have met Tim. Abbie, somewhat shy at such statements, quietly agrees that she is luckier than she ever could have imagined having found such a perfect man.
Les smiles at Abbie’s comments, making her happy that Abbie feels this way about Tim. Regardless of all which was revealed last night, Les still has a maternal instinct about Tim and does not want him to be hurt. But the better she gets to know Abbie, Les is becoming sure that Abbie would never do that to Tim. Well, at least not intentionally.
Les and Phoebe both are spending time glancing at each other, measuring each other up to see if the attraction both are feeling could be mutual. Abbie is jumping up and down inside as she comprehends that both women seem interested in each other. She takes them back to the living room and tells them to relax, and she will bring them drinks while Tim is finishing their dinner.
After giving each a drink, she disappears, saying Tim needs her help. Both women laugh as she leaves, knowing how much help Abbie could ever be in the kitchen. They fall to talking together just about everyday things. Enjoying each other’s company and sizing each other up.
It isn’t very long when Abbie announces that dinner is ready. Both are a bit shocked that an hour has passed while they were chatting. Dinner is a delicious stuffing-filled steak, which does include all different flavors and spices which mixed well together. Some seasoned rice and gravy, and a fresh medley of vegetables.
The dinner conversation adds to the enjoyment of the meal. Tim and Les telling about the work which had been done on the house. Tim gets out his tablet to show the before and after pictures, the contractor had shared with him. Abbie was probably the one most impressed with the change that had occurred.
After dinner, Phoebe thanked them for having her over, but she needed to get back to the Peacock to oversee the closing of the Pub. Les quickly suggested that she give Phoebe a ride back, so she did not have to call a cab. Phoebe's acceptance of the offer is just as swift.
In the car, it is a short drive back to the Peacock. The women did not talk much on the ride, but when they arrived, Phoebe asks Les if she would like to come in for a nightcap. Les replies that it would be nice. Phoebe showed where Les could park behind the Pub near the back entrance to the bar and her apartment.
Together they walk into the Peacock from the back. Phoebe explains that for now, she is living in the apartment over the bar. Les comments that it might be a bit noisy if the Pub is still running being up there. Phoebe assures her that she had put in insulation, so to muffle a lot of the noise.
They chat happily for the next hour as they sit at the bar, Phoebe keeping an eye on her employees and customers. Les tells Phoebe about Cyn, explaining that the old feeling had come back to her from yesterday’s confrontation with Tim. Phoebe sympathizes, commenting that it must have been difficult for Tim to learn this out of the blue.
Les agrees but then shifts to telling Phoebe about the box of letters. Les had stayed up reading them well into the night. There are still many to sort out, and she wants to match each up to the letters she had kept from Cyn. Les would like to get them all organized to give to Tim. Give him a chance to understand about her and Cyn’s relationship thoroughly.
Phoebe laughs some and tells Les, “I would be careful about what is said in those letters. You won’t want to give something to Tim that is very racy.” This makes Les smile and laugh some too, but tears are forming in Les’s eyes.
Phoebe puts her hand on Les’s and tells her she understands the emotions going through her. Having all these emotions churned up again after grieving in private for eight years. Les’s eyes are blurred some from her tears. She confides in Phoebe that it is like she is saying goodbye to Cyn finally, and now ready to open up again.
Still holding Les’s hand, Phoebe looks deep in her eyes and tells Les, “I am glad I was here when you decided to look around again.” Les blushes, and even more so when Phoebe leans to her and brushes her lips across hers. Not wanting to be too forward, but to let Les know she was extremely interested in getting to know her better.
Les lifts her other hand and caresses Phoebe’s cheek as she thanks her, then leans in to kiss her again. No open mouths, no tongues yet. Just sweet lips are touching each other, allowing the excitement to begin to rise.

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