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Video Sex Show on Computer Webcam Camera
Posted:Dec 6, 2018 4:48 am
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2018 6:22 am

In my continuous effort to bring pleasure, arousal, enjoyment and fun into women's lives, I also offer the sexual services of allowing women to watch me perform various sexual acts upon myself live and in person on my computer webcam camera that they request that I perform for them live and in person on my video webcam camera for their arousal, enjoyment and pleasure.

Come on, get over your apprehensions. If you are afraid to chat with me or meet me for dinner, then take advantage of the opportunity to video call me with google hangouts and watch me perform any and all live sex acts upon myself that you desire to see me perform upon myself for your enjoyment and viewing pleasure. I want to see you on a regular and consistent long-term basis. We can be best friends as well. If nothing else we can be video sex buddies and you will never have to worry about meeting me in person ever--if you are afraid of seeing me in person.
Asshole Whore
Posted:Dec 6, 2018 4:41 am
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2018 7:39 am

New Information for all members. I absolutely crave to be fucked in my asshole with the largest and thickest dildo you can insert up into my asshole. I want you to fuck me in my asshole as hard as you possibly can, as deep as you possibly can, and as fast as you possibly can. I want you to damage the insides of my asshole until it bleeds considerably. I like to be fucked in my asshole in multiple positions. I want the person to put me in every single position known to mankind, flipping me from position to position and continue fucking the absolute living daylights out of my asshole. I will never ask the person fucking me in my asshole to stop--not even for short breaks, just constant and continuous fucking of my asshole. The person fucking me in my asshole can fuck me in my asshole until that person is so physically exhausted that they have no choice but to stop and rest.

So all you women out there who love to put on a strap-on dildo and fuck the living daylights out of a man's asshole for as long as she desires should contact me. For all women strap-on queens, I am the man you have been searching for your entire life. Men are welcome to join the party as well. Any man who likes to fuck another man in his asshole should contact me as well. Hope to hear from many new members who want to take advantage of this additional kink I am into.
Sex Toys Descriptions
Posted:Dec 6, 2018 4:37 am
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2018 7:39 am

Sex Toys
The Annihilator XXXL Dildo
Size: 18 inches in total length, 16 inches insertable, approximately 4.5 inches wide, 12.5 inches in circumference. Grows in girth in the bottom three inches.

The walrus dildo penis measures 12.5 inches in total length, 10.75 inches insertable, 4.6 inches in diameter. circumference at mid base is 14.44 inches. The circumference of the top head measures 8.5 inches.

Rabbit Habit Deluxe Multi-Function Powerful Rabbit Vibrator
Just imagine the wonderfully sculpted, succulent smooth shaft penetrate deep in your vagina, with vibrating pearls that stimulate the opening, and two ears that tickle your clitoris.

Simpli Pleasure ULTRA 10 Function Vibrating Silicone Double Penetration Dildo
Realistic dildo vibrator with 2 extensions for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration. Curved extensions to hit the right spots every time when inserted inside you. Features lifelike designs to give your inner sweet spots an erotic massage for maximum pleasure. Boasts 10 exciting vibration modes for personalized play.

Simpli Pleasure 10 Function Extra Quiet Deep G-Spot vibrator. Reaching your G-spot has never been so easy with this fully flexible shaft and uniquely designed shape! Simpli Pleasure's exclusive Luxury G-Spot Vibrator is your go-to pleasure tool when you want to experience toe-curling, G-spot-stimulated orgasms. The perfect G-spot vibrator that gives you direct G-spot stimulation! Features a round bump at the head of the vibrator to give your G-spot a sensual massage.

Kong is the most popular of all big dildos, but today we have important news to report: He now vibrates! The fattest dildo with an over-the-top mushroom head capable of instigating instant love. Softer than it looks, but still dense enough to remain erect. It's truly for the most daring women only. The shaft can bend when pulled, so even though he looks solid, it's more bendable than you think. Vibrations originate from deep within the thick shaft and radiate outwards in a tingling, almost silent manner. Kong is the personal sex toy of kinky ladies who crave the biggest man that breaks his jeans zipper open every time he has an erection. Total Length: 9 inches. Insertable Length: 6 3/4 inches. Diameter: 2 1/4 inches wide, 2 inches deep (oval shaped shaft) Motor: Multi speed

Envy Nine Silicone Rechargeable Dual Stimulator Rabbit Vibrator
They have used a butterfly wing shape that is made to completely hug the clitoris and surround it with intense vibrations. Add to that silky, smooth silicone and 7 functions plus independent, incremental speed control and this is sure to become a classic.

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator, G Spot Clit Dildo Vibrator
Unforgettable multiple clitoral orgasms. With its unique vacuum technology this clitoral stimulator provides touch-free clitoral sucking stimulation and fast often orgasms for women. 2 in 1 Vibrator, 5 suction intensities and 8 powerful vibration modes. Also 8 vibration modes is available on the tail of the dildo vibrator for G spot stimulation. Multifunction - Whether as a Nipplesuckers Vibrator, Clit Stimulator, Dildo Vibrator or as a Classical G spot vibrator.

LoveBotz Robo Fuk Deluxe Adjustable Sex Machine
This versatile fucking machine comes equipped with an adjustable speed remote, so you get to choose your ideal thrusting level at the turn of a dial. The angle and height of penetration can quickly be adjusted within 135 degrees with easy twist knobs located on the frame. Powerful Thrusting Action and Intense Stroke. Dildo measures 8 inches in length and 1.75 inches in diameter; Pussy measures 10.75 inches in length and 4 inches in diameter. Stroke length is approximately 2.5 inches. Max strokes per minute is 180, RPM is 190.

Giant Inflatable Dildo with Firm Core
How big of a cock can you handle? Test your limits. Approximately 14 inches long by 4 inches wide.

Extra Large Speculum
Length from end to end of the entire instrument is 17 inches with a maximum spread of near 4 inches. The length from end to end of the speculum blades is 13-3/4 inches. This is the King of Speculums for the most eXtreme edge players.

XXL Double Dong
28.5 inches in length, 3 inches in diameter at widest point.

Adam & Eve Butterfly Kiss
Butterfly kiss vibrator dances over your clit and vagina!
Plunge into pleasure with this magical butterfly vibrator!
• Enlarged tip for easier G-Spot stimulation
• Butterfly antennae tickle her clit while the rings tease her lips • 3 vibration speeds to keep you on your toes. The butterfly’s antennae tickle her clit just like a rabbit would. But the butterfly also features a large pair of wings that tease her lips with their extra surface area for even more fun. And the enlarged tip of the sex toy makes it easier than ever to find and stimulate your G-Spot for additional thrills.

Rippled Rimming Plug
Rotating beads massage your sensitive backdoor for a tongue-like feel
Vibrating tip works your prostate and inner nerves
Tapered tip & rippled shaft deliver extra stimulation
Enjoy explosive thrills during sex or solo play
Play with 8 vibration modes, including multiple speeds and patterns
Try 5 rotation modes, each with 3 different power levels
Measures 1.75 inches wide by 5 inches long, insertable

Rotating Realistic Dildo
Firm, yet slightly flexible shaft feels like the real thing
It will rotate, vibrate and spin at your command.
Vein-textured shaft has realistic phallus tip, 1.5" wide, inserts up to 5.5"
Clitoral stimulator, Realistic, Rotating, Attachments, G-Spot Tip

Whangee Bamboo Cane
The Whangee, also referred to as a Wangi Cane, is 30" of sadistic hell. This cane is made from the root of the bamboo plant. What makes it so sadistic are the raised nodes, which bite into the skin and give your bottom the pain rush they so need and desire. This cane is for serious players and true Pain-Iacs. If you like marks that can be delivered with little effort and want to see your bottom doing the cha-cha in place, then this is the cane for you.

White Delrin 16"
This is deadly dreaded White Delrin Twisted Loop. The twisted loop is not for the weak of heart or weak of bottom. The twisted loop delivers intense sting and pain. It will raise the welts and deliver a well bruised bottom when used with real intensity. The Twisted Loop is made with 1/4" delrin that has been crafted and twisted to form a very hurtful piece that has good flex and whipping action. Recommended for serious players.

Expand XL Inflatable Anal Plug
It will expand to fill you up in whatever ways offer the least resistance, molding itself to your insides and stuffing you to the maximum possible capacity. It's a great tool for pushing yourself to handle bigger toys than ever before. Size: Deflated: 8 inches in total length, 5.5 insertable, 2 inches in diameter; Inflated: 9 inches in total length, 7 insertable, 4 inches in diameter.

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